right now…


right now:
+this is what my screen looks like
+just got a happy dose of “friend of the devil”
+it’s my brother’s birthday
+my mom is listening to a fresh baby cry - a baby born in her hallway
+warm laundry waiting to be folded on my couch
+daydreaming about what i’ll put in lacie’s package
+a little dizzy from twirling my baby – my seven month old baby
+my hair is curled – and NOT in a ponytail
+lukey is playing super hero’s… and his super hero’s sing
+i can’t find the stash of honey roasted peanuts i bought andrey for a snack – he must’ve taken them to work.
+craving a snitch of honey roasted peanuts
+i’m thinking about my pretty sisters
+trying to ignore my impulse to hit the road
+i realize that i am impulsive about alot of things


ideas borrowed, ideas new

My baby boy has turned into this beautiful toddler, and along with that comes the need for some more sophisticated language activities. I've been a busy, crafty mommy lately! I've been partly motivated by lots of great ideas from my blogging mommy friends, and partly motivated by my need to be extra organized and on-top-of-things with my new work schedule. Here's a list of new activities in our home, hopefully giving credit where credit's due!!!

I cleaned off the top half of our refrigerator and created our "family work board". Right now, it just has the list of strategies that we're supposed to be working on for the week with each of his therapists, and also the summary sheets for the week and/or the handouts we get from them. I picked up the white board and the cork board at the Dollar Tree. I got this idea from Briggs' mom originally, and here's another great example from Aiden's mom. I really like Tammy's idea about the ling sounds, and moving them as you get a response to each one throughout the day. I hope to expand this area with other ideas. But for now, it helps us focus on our strategies for the week.

I also decided, that with a change in Lucas's schedule, I should start a calendar with him, to help him prepare for what tomorrow will bring. He is still a bit young for this, but I know that he will quickly grow into it, and that his language will catch up with it, just like it has with everything else. I originally got the calendar idea from Ben's mom, but then I got the exact calendar idea from Tayten's mom. Here's another variation on the calendar idea from Nolan's mom. You can find that calendar here from the Listening Room, which has a host of other GREAT activities.

Also from the Listening Room, I found these two great posters. This one is for focusing on nursery rhymes and songs, and this one is a game for practicing the learn to listen sounds. We've really been enjoying these. Just today, when I started to sing "Twinkle, twinkle, little star," Lucas touched the star right away. I was so excited! Here are pictures of these two posters, that I've hung in our dining room and playroom, respectively.

Reciting nursery rhymes with Lucas twice a day is one of our strategies for this week. So, I took a clear plastic box (that I found at the Dollar Tree), put in all of the books that we have with nursery rhymes and added the handout on nursery rhymes, so that everything is in reach. Here's what the handout looks like, if you're interested:

We're also working really hard to condition Lucas to the Ling sounds. I feel we're past just waiting for a behavioral response (like Lucas looking up or pausing) and we should be able to get a conditioned response from him, like pointing to his ear or the sound association. I know it's possible, and Aiden has given me some extra motivation! So, I'm using 2 different activities to work on that. One activity is a meal mat from the Listening Room (there are 3 others, if you're interested). I learned about these from Alexander's mom, who apparently got it from Marielle's mom! I say the ling sound, put a piece of food on the appropriate picture, and say it again.. Sometimes I have Lucas try to put it on the right picture. He's been pretty accurate so far. Here's what it looks like:
I soon hope to graduate to this great resource. I used speaker cover material, that I got at the local fabric store, glued it between the two pieces of paper, and voila! Those are the same pictures as the meal mat, and I'm hoping he will start pointing to them soon. Here's what that looks like:

Lastly, I've created quite a few experience books. Lucas's teacher of the deaf has talked about them, I saw some examples at Great Start, and also got ideas from Drew's mom and Peas' mom. I made two of them on Snapfish. They're the flipbooks - you can write one short sentence on each picture, and they're pretty cheap. The other ones I made with photo albums from the Dollar Tree and flashcards with great pictures on them. The two flipbooks are called "Let's go to the petting zoo" and "Let's go to the pool."

The other photo books are "Lucas & family," "my favorite things," "food and animals," "my body parts," and "Lucas' ABC book" (I ran out of pages, so I had to make 2 books). Here's what the books look like (inside too).

While I was looking for links to all of these resources, I found this new activity that I'm going to go print now. How fun! Another source that I'd like to check out is Tune Ups (again from the Listening Room). I called to order it when Drew's mom first posted about it, but it hasn't come yet, so I think my order got lost somewhere. I will have to try again.

Thanks to all of my blog friends for all of the wonderful ideas! Sorry for the super long post. I hope I was able to share some new ideas too! And, I think we're set for a while. Do you have any other ideas you'd like to share?

cue mommy guilt

It's that time of year again. Kids are going back to school, and so am I. After a most wonderful, fulfilling, and very productive 7 months, I get to go back to work. I wish I could tell you that it's bitter sweet, but it's not.

I will always remember these months as a very special time with Lucas, when I could experience all of his awesome hearing and language firsts and during which we did many activities that otherwise wouldn't have been possible had I been working. He went from no hearing, to hearing beeps and buzzes, to us having to spell words in his presence. It has been SIMPLY AMAZING! It was the greatest decision and sacrifice we could have made. I would not trade in the extra time with him for anything in the world!

Now what am I going to do? I'll be honest and say that I'm NOT okay with it. It's extremely daunting to think about doing what I'm doing now with so much less time. It kind of makes me sick.

But, I still have a lot to be thankful for, so here goes.

* I'm thankful to my school district for granting me this much needed leave.
* I'm thankful for a wonderful, secure job, where I get to teach German and Spanish all day!
* I'm thankful that Lucas will be watched by both of his grandmothers while I'm at school.
* I'm thankful that Lucas can still be in his own home 3 of those days.
* I'm thankful that I only work 6 blocks from where we live.
* I'm thankful that we work with 2 flexible therapists who are willing and able to come after 3:00 to work with me.
* I'm thankful that I'm done with school mid-afternoon and have the rest of the afternoon and evening to spend with him.
* I'm thankful for the school year calendar that provides for some much needed breaks and extra time with Lucas.

Please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers as we make a lot of adjustments over the next few weeks - that Lucas would continue to thrive and adjust well to not having me around all the time, and that there would not be any backlashes to his change in schedule and surroundings. He thrives on routine, and his world is about to be inconsistent.

Life is going to be tough for awhile.

la la lovely package swap – part two

so… miss carolynn has received her lovely package which means i get to share it here on my sweet lil’ blog.
i got the email from danni of oh, hello friend revealing my swap partner and i was so excited. i got right to work on getting to know carolynn by sending her this email:

lovely package swap

  she responded quickly and answered all of my silly questions – like this: 
<<a favorite spot in my home would have to be my back screened in porch.
it has a super comfy outdoor couch and i can just curl up with my laptop and my puppy and escape in to the outdoors >>

i kept all of this in mind as i did my gathering
lovely swapcontents included:
1. a copy of sing+songs (“a mixed tape”)
2. a sweet hair pin from oh, hello friend  
3. a pack of letterpress note cards from simplesong designs
4. a handful of pretty japanese paper tape
5. a few mini latte bowls in pretty fall colors from anthro
6. a ruffle tote made by me!
now this is the pretty part:
swap gifts packaged
do {you} want a mini version of my lovely package? i saved up a few goodies to share with {you}

{a lovely-lindsay-lovely-package giveaway}
leave a comment here by sunday evening – the 30th and i will pick a mailbox to send treasures to.
but… you must answer all of my silly questions, too.
love, lindsay

Tales of the Temporary

Americans are twice as likely to kill themselves on a Wednesday. At work, the stapler eyeballed me, beckoning me to punch little bits of metal into my skull.

The recession doubled the competition for jobs in the Bay area; I fought with hundreds of other applicants to file papers for the California State Bar. At 8 am, during the hump of the week, I started shredding, filing, faxing, and copying. During my fifteen minute break, I sat on the curb, watching San Francisco's financial district's honking traffic. My head fell into my hands and I was in Yosemite climbing for a moment. The glacier polished cracks swallowed my hands and the Merced flowed lazily beneath me. Then the exhaust from a Greyhound tore me from my day dream. Those ten seconds of dreaming were the highlight of 120 hours of work. I shuffled back inside to shred, staple, file, fax, and copy. I hoped that the stapler would kill me. The job was death by paper cut and I was bleeding out.

The temp gig lasted three weeks. The job before that lasted three months. I ran food at a bar and restaurant in Berkeley. The restaurant manager eventually sat me down. I expected a raise or a promotion. There was nothing of the sort.

"James," he crossed his legs. I wondered if the stench of beer and pizza would ever wash off him. "Why are you here?"

I needed a job to get established in the Bay area, and to "springboard myself into a corporate environment." I wondered if the bullshit was thick enough. Maybe he wanted something more philosophical, more Zen. It was Berkeley. My mind raced through vague memories of Plato's Symposium, of Siddhartha, and of the stories I'd heard at the few Yoga classes I'd been to. What should I say?

Whatever he wanted I wasn't quick enough to answer with so he said, "You walk without a sense of purpose."

I didn't know how to respond. This was not exactly a promotion- actually it was the opposite. I stared at him. Maybe if I didn't blink for thirty seconds my eyes would start tearing. How could he fire a crying man?

At 8 am, in Saturday morning, I started my regular job or rather the less temporary one. When the sun came over the top of Half Dome and hit Washington’s Column, I began up the Enduro Corner of Astroman. The rack felt anorexic as I thrutched my way up the splitter crack. With his tube socks, mullet, and passion for classic rock, Mad Dog defines hard trad climbing. With an associates' degree from the Yosemite Valley Community College, and solid work on his bachelors at the University of Patagonia, Mad Dog could run it out with a thin rack. As an aspiring rock jock, I wanted a piece at my knees, waist, and chest. Instead, I punched it through the greasy splitter crack. I thrutched, fell on my jams a few times, and made a half dollar sized gobie on my hand. Mad Dog hiked the pumpy crack. At the belay he attributed his skills to his high sense of fashion

"It's important to go acrylic. Stripes help too," he yarded up his socks and fired up the Harding Slot.

Though there seemed to be truth his words, I suspected that Mad Dog's skills came more from years of climbing. He'd been working on YOSAR for four years, freeing the Regular Northwest Face of Half Dome, Free Rider on El Capitan, and managing an ascent of the hairball aid climbing test piece, The Reticent Wall on El Cap. He spent his winters in Patagonia. In his free time he traveled to Alaska and the East Coast with his lady friend. He'd made a commitment to the climbing lifestyle. If successful and dirt bag could be used in the same sentence to describe someone, they’d fit with Dana “Mad Dog” Drummond.

I moved to the Bay area 9 months ago in an attempt to solidify my life. Big words and phrases like “career”, “professional development”, and “paycheck,” had a sudden pleasant ring to them. A move from the transitory life of a climber towards one of successful city dweller. It hasn’t happened. First I walked without a sense of purpose and then I wanted to put staples in my head.

My skull bonked against the rock behind me, snapping me back to the moment. “Get a piece in,” I told myself. A long stream of blood flowed down my arm. The Harding Slot had not gone well. I fell. And I gobied. We finished the route, ran down canyon, and now as the sun started to fall over the western end of the ditch; I struggled up the off width of The Rostrum. I stacked my hand against my fist, slotted my knee and looked at the cracks’ wide jaws. I had no gear for twenty feet and a strong desire to pass out on lead. Suddenly, taking a stapler to my temple didn’t sound so bad.

I struggled to the belay, clipped in, and fell against the cold granite. Mad Dog hiked the crack behind me, grabbed the rack, and led to the top singing The Scorpions’ “Rock You Like A Hurricane.” At the summit, I thanked him for dragging my carcass up the Astroman-Rostrum link-up. “You didn’t do too badly for a weekend warrior,” he shouldered the rope and sauntered off to the car. I followed slowly behind.

Though the climbing had been hard for me, I’d move with a sense of purpose- a task I’d been totally incapable of in the restaurant, too apathetic to try in the office, and too despondent to attempt in the city. Cementing myself to an urban lifestyle, attaching myself to that lifestyle was too hard. I’d tried. I walked back to my car and started to run a mental budget. This plus that plus this and that…I could make it out of the city at the end of October. We drove to the Swinging Bridge below the Sentinel and in the dark, we dove into the cold Merced. The water stung the cuts on my body but they would heal. A few more weeks of work and that pain would be over too. I could become a gypsy, get tube socks and be a hard man like Mad Dog. At least return to the dirt bag lifestyle...even if it was just temporary.

la la lovely package swap – sneak peek!

lovely package swap goodies 044

remember this? the lovely package swap?? i was paired up with sweet carolynn of the  pretty blog/shop two brunettes. i was so excited to see that i had been matched up with such a pretty cyber-space. she’s really lovely and after getting-to-know-you emails {you should see ‘em – the emails, i mean. they’re both over the top} i quickly found out that she is a girl from my own heart. anthro + fleet foxes + sun porches + happy tape + miniature-goodies +  crafty skills +  lovely blog pictures = swap partner happiness! it also means that i had an excuse to order from some of my favorite etsy shops and pick up extra treats while on my seattle adventure.

the whole idea behind this swap was to package your gifts up all pretty. my specialty. and i couldn’t wait to get in my creative place and make carolynn something fab to find in her mailbox. i kept waiting for that free time to come. to turn up my music – sprawl my supplies out all over the house and get to work. that quiet/free moment just wasn’t happening and i just kept waiting. finally the other night – all boys in this mad house were asleep. one on the couch and two in my bed {guess which was which and you’ll get a prize.} i flipped on pandora and buried myself in creative goodness. it was so fun. and so happy. and so relaxing. cutting + gluing + magazines + yarn + sewing machine + blitzen trapper + pretty gifts + sweet carolynn for inspiration = lindsay, totally in her element. {you should have seen me – this package is over the top} i can’t wait to show you the rest.

love, lindsay

It's all about expectations

There's lots going on around here, I just haven't had a lot to post about. That's okay! Lucas is wearing his hearing aid really well (in addition to the CI, of course), although I haven't noticed a big difference yet. I think that's hard with a 20 month old who can't tell me how he hears with it. It can't be hurting anything though, that's for sure.

There are lots of changes going on around here. I'm preparing to return to work in a few days with the start of a new school year, and we're making some changes in our communication method. Lucas is talking a lot more, and he is all but functionally walking, choosing to walk now instead of crawl most of the time. YAY!

I've been a big proponent all along of "baby" signs to facilitate communication, hence this post. Lucas has 37 expressive signs to date, and he responds to all of them with verbal only cues. As I talked about in #8 of this post, I think it's important to regularly re-evaluate the effectiveness of a communication method decision. Even if you never change your method, it's good to reinforce your decision too! Well, we've re-evaluated, and we're making a change. In the past, we've stated that we're doing the Lucas method: an oral approach with AVT strategies and baby signs. We are now taking a strictly oral approach. No more baby signs.

Basically, we're at the point where Lucas no longer needs manual communication, because he hears and understands us SO WELL. And although we really cut back on the signs after he was implanted (only teaching them to him so that he could express himself), we have decided to drop signing all together.

It's all about expectations. In the past, we would speak, he would sign back, and we would move on. We were just excited that he understood us!! It has become way too easy. We are raising the bar. It's fine if he still signs back, but we are now expecting a word, an approximation or even just a vocalization, not just a sign. We know he is capable. Just in the past week, he has begun to approximate outside (ow) and knock, knock, knock (nah nah nah).

We are beginning to work with Clarke, an oral school for the deaf, and look forward to benefiting from their services this fall, if all goes well. Lucas may also join their toddler group for 2 year olds come January. We're hoping to give him an extra boost, so that he can be comfortably mainstreamed for preschool.

We couldn't be happier with our decision to have Lucas implanted. It has been seriously life-changing. Not a day goes by that I don't marvel at the miracle.

serve. love.


enrichment collage 

margy finally put into words something i've been trying to understand. 
we all want to give our children a better life than we have had,
but each family's experiences place them at a different starting place. 
it could take generations for some families to progress to the level that is another family's starting place.
still, we're all on the same ladder and have the power to pull each other up,
but not in giant leaps - only one rung at a time.

                                                                     -stacey bess
                                                                                                                                   lessons on love from the school with no name sew girls9th ward relief society enrichment night 
(a sewing production line to complete school supply bags for the humanitarian effort)
we had a perfect turn out. ten plus sewing machines. stitching along.
my heart is full.

not alot to ask. it seemed simple. and small.  
{throw a few extra school supplies in my shopping cart and some donated time on a thursday night}

but to some children – somewhere - it was big.
and to the mama’s of those kids… it was huge.

Blackzan - pag. 4

Después de 8 meses vuelve una páginita de Blackzan!

Tengo el monitor mal calibrado y ni idea como se hace pero las cosas que guardo/salvo salen mas claras y con menos contraste que como están en el photoshop... Así que esto es maso menos como lo pinté.
Bastante parecido bah.

Si la quieren leer desde el principio aquí están las paginas uno dos y tres.
Una vez mas gracias bonbon por las correcciones!

seattle air

soul city 034soul city collage

my mom’s totem animal is a dolphin.
on a wobbly boat in the middle of the ocean - somewhere in tahiti
she leaned over the bow and took a deep breath. she’d made her connection.
i’m not sure what my animal is.
although - i did feel an odd connection to the hippo at a zoo once.

i do know - however – what my totem city is.
it’s seattle. and i’ve known for a long time.

i could roll around with that city for years.
my window goes down as soon as we hit the mountain pass.
i stick my head out like a happy puppy.

i breathe that city in deep.

soul city 017

not sure how andrey got me to come home. must have been the promises he made me to return again soon.
again and again and again.
love, lin

We have to do what?

I never thought I'd be able to say this. Lucas hears and understands us so well, that we have to spell words around him. Yes. Around our deaf son, we have to spell words. U.N.B.E.L.I.E.V.A.B.L.E.

I mean, it's not that he understands everything that we say, but enough! His favorite things right now are going outside and going for a ride in his beloved car. This car:

So, we have to spell "outside" and "car". That's it so far, but I'm pretty excited about it. Again, I take nothing for granted with him.

Here are a couple of other recent Lucas observations:

He is walking much better and can even stand for extended periods of time on his own (see above picture!). I'm soooooo thrilled about that. He's not exactly functionally walking, but he's getting there!!!

The other day, Lucas was resting his head on my shoulder and the room was completely silent. One of our cats walked into the room and quietly meowed. Lucas sat straight up and looked for the sound. I was impressed.

I've been whispering around Lucas to see what he can understand. When I whisper "let's go find Daddy," Lucas signs "daddy." I'm so excited that he can hear me whisper.

I'm still waiting for a spoken language explosion, but Lucas is consistently saying "up," "down," and "bye-bye."

Cochlear implants are amazing. I really never thought his would work this well. But it does, and I am soooo grateful.



i got tagged by alexandra jade
so here's how to play ...
1. open your first photo folder saved on your computer.
2. scroll down to the 10th photo.
3. post that photo and story of it on your blog.
4. tag 5 others to play along.

the first photo folder is called A&L and it’s got a collection of pictures of me  and my handsome husband. this was picture number ten. it’s a simple picture but tells alot of stories.
i am pregnant here. with lucas jude. very pregnant. (pregnant nose, mom. see!) andrey’s dark hair was an accident. done by steen. and i remember being super concerned that lucas was going to meet his dad while he had elvis hair. on the other hand - my hair is my natural color. which is sort of cool. cause it hasn’t been that way since. we are looking in the mirror at our morain street house. our first place. andrey’s red shirt was his valentine’s gift from me. and the lifted collar was a very russian-teen thing of him to do. oh! and those fabric baskets in the background. an anthropologie sale steal! we look so young to me here. three plus years and another baby boy later.

i tag:


“follow a heart that’s asked from the start to lead…” – leona naess

    gavi 055
sunday afternoon found both me and andrey out in the foyer of the church. one boy for each of us.  i’d asked him to tag-a-long with me to help me wrangle the boys during the meeting. (or maybe he could wrangle and i could listen. yeah – that was my real plan.) instead there we were. out in the hall. gavin happily rolling around on the floor and lukey unable to hold still. i caught myself in my frustration – smiling. i caught a glimpse of andrey – smiling in his frustration, too. then we laughed at each other.
we couldn’t help it.
andrey has been extremely busy. work has him all tied up in every direction. his mind is occupied. yet there were several moments during this weekend that i could tell he had let all of that go and was trying really hard to just enjoy these free minutes. it’s hard for me not to fill up all of his free time with things i need him to get done. which also meant me letting go of the projects i’ve got on my brains. things that can wait.
so – we sat in the backyard for a few hours on saturday night. we took a late evening walk through the neighborhood. we enjoyed a good laugh in the hallway of the church house. we held hands on the drive to moses lake to visit his lovely sisters. a trip that’s been postponed for weeks. we sunk into their couch together and let them wrestle with our kids for a bit. we talked to eachother on the way home so he wouldn’t fall asleep. it was simple. the difference slowing down made - was huge.

only monday still came this morning.
and i can’t wait until we slow down again come friday night.

gavi 041gavi 066

love, lin

bimodal baby

On Thursday I got a call that Lucas's earmolds were in, and they had a cancellation yesterday, so our baby is officially bimodal, sooner than anticipated. There haven't been any 'aha' moments yet, but I guess he needs time to "learn to listen" with this ear again. It will be interesting to see how he tests in the booth when we head back to CHOP in October.

He wasn't so sure about everything at the audiologist this morning. He kept wanting down off my lap, then he'd toddle over to the door and cry a very pouty cry. He just doesn't seem to like this audiologist. Oh well, we won't have to see her very much.

The HA matches the CI pretty well, although it's much smaller. We're also trying a skeleton earmold with Lucas's CI. It will help keep it on his ear much better. That is, if he leaves it in his ear. So far, he doesn't seem to like it OR the hearing aid. *SIGH*

the skeleton mold for his right ear

the earmold with his HA for the left ear
he's constantly touching it both devices, side-by-side
nope, not gonna wear it...

speech therapy at the petting zoo

What a novel idea! We've been working a lot on farm animals and their sounds lately, so our AWESOME speech therapist suggested we go to a petting zoo to meet the animals in person. We went to Hayloft Candles and Petting Zoo. We had no idea this place even existed! We got to see goats, donkeys, pigs, deer, llamas, ducks, a parrot, a kangaroo!?!, bunnies, birds, peacocks, turkeys, among others.

Lucas didn't exactly name the animals there, but he was very excited! We walked around, making lots of animals sounds. We probably sounded very silly, but it was fun! With all of the pictures that I took, I'm going to make an experience book on Snapfish, so that we can talk about all of the animals that we saw. Maybe we can go back again in a few weeks too. It was free!

Lucas learned to throw food to the ducks

this yak had a really long tongue!

this miniature donkey knew exactly how to ask for food...

Lucas was getting up close and personal with the kangaroo!

sitting like a big boy on a big chair!

Great Start

Lucas in Oct. '08 at the Nittany Lion Shrine!

I just returned from a conference on hearing loss. Great Start is part of the Pennsylvania Low Incidence Institute, which is held yearly at Penn State. The first 2 days of the conference are devoted to hearing loss. Best of all, it was completely free to parents!!

I went by myself, because Lucas is not old enough for the Children's Institute. Maybe next year. I attended 4 sessions, 3 of which were great. The 4th had a misleading title, and had no valuable information for parents, but rather service providers and support coordinators with early intervention.

I thoroughly enjoyed spending a few days at my Alma Mater. I pretended like I was a college student again, walking around campus and visiting all of my favorite places. I met up with two old friends from high school, and even had dinner with a former student who is just beginning her years at Penn State. If there was a time in my life that I could repeat, it would be my years spent in Happy Valley.

The conference also provided networking opportunities for parents. There were about 20 other parents attending, and they organized a time for us to meet one afternoon. I got to talk to Jim from CiCircle again, and that was VERY helpful! He is so full of great information and experience!

I hope I get to go again next year, WITH the whole family this time. I don't need an excuse to spend a few days in State College.

Tomorrow we are visiting Clarke School for the Deaf. I'M SO EXCITED!

It's August already!
Summer sure flies by!
(although summer in Vancouver is long from over yet )

*A couple of schedule changes for the Roundhouse...
(Scroll down for full schedule)

* There will be a "drop-in only" Baby & Me Yoga class Thursday September 3rd at 12:30, and then a break until the new session starts.

New session officially starts September 24 & 25 (Thurs & Fri) Baby & Me Yoga will start at 1:30, and the classes will be a full 90 minutes. Yay!

Prenatal Yoga
I have added 3 "drop-in only" classes the first two weeks of September (so we won't be off between sessions too long!)
Tues Sept 1 & 8 and Thurs Sept 3. (The Fall session officially begins Sept 22 & 24th)

Mixed Levels Yoga-Roundhouse
I have added two "drop-in only" classes
Tues Sept 1 & 8 from 7:30-8:45pm (Fall session officially begins Tues Sept 22)

Sooo...Hope to see you very soon!
Any questions, you can always email or facebook me, or whatever!