right now…


right now:
+this is what my screen looks like
+just got a happy dose of “friend of the devil”
+it’s my brother’s birthday
+my mom is listening to a fresh baby cry - a baby born in her hallway
+warm laundry waiting to be folded on my couch
+daydreaming about what i’ll put in lacie’s package
+a little dizzy from twirling my baby – my seven month old baby
+my hair is curled – and NOT in a ponytail
+lukey is playing super hero’s… and his super hero’s sing
+i can’t find the stash of honey roasted peanuts i bought andrey for a snack – he must’ve taken them to work.
+craving a snitch of honey roasted peanuts
+i’m thinking about my pretty sisters
+trying to ignore my impulse to hit the road
+i realize that i am impulsive about alot of things