baby mine

seven 018 gavin west – month seven

this silly boy is miniature. mini-gavin.
as soon as he saw grandpa this last weekend – he had to pull out his bag of tricks – and start crawling on us.
you should see a mini-gavin crawl. it’s so silly.

this silly boy loves:
carrying around a wooden giraffe puzzle piece. (missing sophie – ya think?)
the japanese rice biscuits we found in seattle.
when i steam him carrots – so he can spit them up – and laugh.
to take two jumbo sized naps during the day – yeah!
long walks on the beach {still reading?}
to play hide-and-seek with lukey.
growwwwwwwwling. still.
& snuggling with me.

lucas would like to add that he’s pretty sure his seven month old mini-gavin said “ZEBRA” last week 
and just yesterday was mastering his “thumbs up” skills. genius!