Daron Rahlves Banzai Kirkwood 1st place!

What a crazy day! I traveled from Geneva, Switzerland, to California. Got three hours of sleep and then drove to Kirkwood to make the Banzai contest. I had a couple looks at the course and then it was go time. The course started at the top of chair 10,which on a pow day is a blast to bomb off the top. Though when it's conditions like we had at the event, I try to avoid that area. I was really scared of the drop in. Not cause I couldn't do it, it was more the way you needed to drop in to make the first gate. To add 3 other people dropping in for the same line, Yikes! In practice I did a sweet cartwheel, to head slide which got me really freaked out. Thankfully when the time came to race, I kept it together.

Being on the Freeride World Tour is really important to me, so I didn't want to put my self in any position to get hurt. Bottom line I played it safe on the start, but it worked out! The other athletes where amazing. It was really interesting how all of us had a different approach to riding this course.
 I am really excited to be in the contest next week at Alpine. Thanks again to Daron for such a fun event, I am so stoked to be part of it!

This month is jam-packed with fun. I have the Banzai at Alpine, North Face Masters at Squaw Valley, and finally the big one Freeride World Tour at Kirkwood. 

Pray for Snow!

NZ Summer Time

Well I have once again been really slack at up dating the blog.I am still battling with injury's, having on and of problems with my ribs.So been laying pretty low try to heal up.Defiantly looking forward to getting back on the water and in the groove.

Here are a a couple of random shots of the summer time here in Okere Falls

 Huckin the front flip into the lake.Its pretty sweet trying all sorts of ticks I would never do to dirt.Might have to sack up up one of theses days and pull the front flip to dirt mmmm maybe 

Younger brother Mitch going for the flat 3

Myself throwing a clean backflip

Going for the backflip 360

A sweet afternoon on the boat

Young Regan Carlyon ripping it up on the board

Backflip fail by Bradley Lauder

My youngest brother Cole Lucas has been totally killing it in the downhill race scene here in NZ and hes only 14, watch out for this kid, up and coming name in the sport for sure!!!

Life's pretty hard in Okere Falls this is the view I look out most days

Little bro Cole riping it

Well stand by foe a paddling up date sooner than later. Hoping I will be back in the water in the next week or so!!!!!!


First Neighbors' Night Out

Don't forget tomorrow night is our first Neighbors' Night Out at the Pi MX, 610 Washington Ave.  From 6pm-8pm (dine in or carry out) mention that you are there to support Friends of Lucas Park and 25% of your bill will be donated to our phase 2 improvements.  Hope to see you there!

Substantial Media House "BC EH"

Evan Garcia, Fred Norquist have done it again with another epic episode from our time we had in BC which always delivers the goods.One of my big high lights this year was paddling the Grand Canyon of the Stikine,this episode shows the epic time we had down in thoughs deep Gorges.

  Substantial TV EP. 2 "BC,EH!" from Substantial Media House on Vimeo.

Well I am working on a little NZ summer up date I havent been up to much paddling wize due to my body still been a little broken. I have been laying low try to get my Ribs right, pretty over been broken and not been able to paddle.Cant wait to get back in the boat, get back on the shit running tour.




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