I've been back for two weeks already and the time is flyin' by!

Here are just a few pics of Venice Beach and some fellow Yogi's I love at Exhale Center for Sacred Movement in Venice Los Angeles. Sure missed all of you while I was away though! Its truly so great to be back. Missed our yoga so very much. I'll post some more pics very soon that we took from the road, the Getty Museum, The Oregon Coast, The Redwoods, Orange County and the VW Classic etc. I highly recommend taking a road trip down to Southern California. It so great and the weather can't be beat. 

*Oh, and registration is on for summer classes with me so register asap! I'd love to see you xo 

me and Erich Schiffmann

Venice beach

Venice beach

Venice beach
Hala Khouri and me. 

Venice beach

Venice beach

my partner and the car we drove to southern california in

Venice beach skateboard park rules

 some dude gettin' lots of air!
 me in bliss as we head to yoga in LA 
 Exhale in Venice   
Venice beach
Venice beach

Venice beach
Venice beach

Venice beach

Thank You!!

Thanks to the Mardi Gras Foundation and their $10,000 donation we have secured funds to purchase the playground equipment!
A huge thank you to Tom Schlafly for a $1000 donation!
Thank you very much to Bob Guller and Kellie Hynes for your $500 donation to Friends of Lucas Park in support of the park redevelopment.
A very special thank you to Dan O'Brien for a $500 donation. Your support is truly appreciated.
A huge thank you to Natalie Semchyshyn and Amos Harris for your generous donation and fantastic idea of a challenge matching donation. With their help we raised $1000 in less than 3 days!
Our first $1,000 donation was made by Pinnacle Contracting.  Thank you so much for your support! 


the light in my sister christine's downtown apartment was perfect.
and so is her new pup.

Matching Donation

We have been challenged! If we can raise $250 in the next week a donor will match with an extra $250 on top of their already committed $500. Let's do this Downtown!


Please visit our updated FAQ section. Many of these topics were brought up at Tuesday's Town Hall meeting.

Received June 25, 2012

Park Improvement Plans

Click here to see more pictures of the planned Lucas Park improvements.

Mouse Race Information

Click here or on the link on the right hand side of the page for information on our Mouse Race Fundraiser.

Looking for a tax deduction?

Friends of Lucas Park received notice from the IRS that we have official 501(c)(3) tax exempt status! All previous and future donations are tax deductible. Haven't given yet, make your donation today!

*All receipts will be issued at the end of this tax year*


Love in the Border Country

In October of 2009, Katie Lambert, Ben Ditto,  a Slovenian climber named Luka, and I climbed on the north western face of Yosemite’s Middle Cathedral.  The route, Border Country, was named after a poem written by a well known climber. The night before the climber’s death in an avalanche in China, he wrote a poem about the climbing life, of living in the Border Country.
When we reached the base, I realized I had left my chalkbag in the car.  I ran down to get it.  Katie was waiting when she heard a voice cry.
“Heeey Katie.” Ben offered to tag our water up the first 200 feet.
This was the first time Ben saw his future wife
I’d told Katie that Ben was a Utah sport climber. She was sure he’d suck.  But the way he’d said hey, the way he’d said her name, she thought “whoa who is this person?”  
We climbed all day but hardly saw Luka and Ben.  They were too far ahead.  Every once in awhile, Katie caught glimpses of a flashing smile, weird long hair, and a bandanna.  Ben was climbing smoothly up the wall.  On the crux pitch, he broke a horn but caught himself on a hold below.  It was one of those days when Ben couldn’t fall.
At the top of the headwall, Katie led to the stance where Ben was taking pictures.  He first saw her through a camera lens. She arrived at the belay and went to lower down. She clipped a single biner and a mess of old webbing left by the first ascentionist.  Ben thought either she really knows what she’s doing or she’s kind of sketchy
When the shadow of the Nose hit the Zodiac, we rappelled.  We cramped into tiny belay stations. Katie and I were at the bottom. Luka and Ben, who had helmets, were on top.  We held out backpacks over our heads so we wouldn’t get pummeled by the rocks when we pulled our ropes.
At one ledge, while we waited for Luka to rappel, there was a conversation about relationships. “Well, what’s up? Any prospects?” Ben asked Katie.
“No.”   Katie replied
 “I’m sure they’re lined ten deep.”  Ben said, shaking his head.
I snapped this photo of Ben. He was charming even with long eccentric hair.
We continued down the route.  Ben talked about Keep the River on Your Right, the story of an artist and anthropologist who travels into the jungles of Peru.  Ben was being characteristically smooth, living up to his nick name The Coffee Shop Killer.
It was an adventure. Pretty exciting. Not like Katie Lambert getting lost inside her sleeping bag but exciting anyway. 
I read this story at Katie and Ben's wedding Summer Solstice 2012
When we got down, we parted ways.  Katie looked for Ben in Camp 4 a few days later but Ben was climbing on El Cap.  They stayed in touch while he went to Patagonia.  In the spring, Ben met Katie in Ridgecrest, when her car broke down. They climbed in Bishop and became partners.  These days, they live climbing together, defining intrepid, and living a life in the Border Country.

Congratulations Katie and Ben

The Hot Spot by Jordi Chicletol II

North Fork Race-Shit running Alberta Canada

Well here is a bit of a post of what I have been up to in the last 3 weeks. I was lucky enough to get selected to race in the elite division for the North Fork Championships.This race was on a totally next level, very stout and lots of moves to make. I end up placing pretty low in the pack, but was super stoked to be appart of such a sick race and that I survived it!!!!

After the race we made our way to Alberta Canada for some stoutin!!!!

Jacobs ladder the stout part of the race for sure!!!!

Ryan Casey,this dude killed it out there and ended up taking the win on the day!!!!

Myself making my way down Jacobs ladder,few days before race day!!!

One of the gates what I missed ha

Would like to say a big thanks to Riot Kayaks for sending me a brand new magnum to the North Fork thanks Heep's!!!!!!


Our first creek In Alberta Cameron Creek

Dylan Thomson steezing the 20ft on Cataract Creek

Bradley boofin the same drop

The last big one on Cataract creek, about to take a bit of a beating and swim my ass out of the hole,
4th swim for me this trip!!!!!!

Chilling in Canmore,such a sweet place!!!

Bradley, Johnston Canyon, Stella Falls

Chris McTaggart big boof on Johnston's

 Myself Boofing a nice 20ft- Johnston's

Dylan balls deep on the 40ft Big Horn Creek

The big boy 100ft Ram Falls Ram river

Peter Dylan and myself at the lip of this massive stout.The lip was nice and Roley and looking good to go, really stoked we sacked up am ran this huge stout. Healed a big right stroke felt it out tossed the paddled and braced for impact.The hit wasn't to bad, ended up swimming could hand role typical!!!
Definitely the biggest I have ever gone and it felt soooo sick bring on more big BROWN stouts!!!!

Well stay posted we are on our way to Whistler, cant wait to get there!!!!



Another character design commissions


Great news story from KMOV News Channel 4.



À espera do Juízo Final

Esta semana, mais uma notícia divulgada sobre o fim do mundo me deixou perplexa. Nos Estados Unidos, um empreendedor teve a genial ideia de construir um prédio subterrâneo capaz de suportar qualquer catástrofe natural, terrorista e até mesmo o fim do mundo.

O “Survival Condo” (“Condomínio da Sobrevivência”)  está sendo erguido (ou melhor, rebaixado) a 60 metros de profundidade, usando um antigo silo para mísseis construído na década de 1960, no Kansas. São 15 pisos que dispõem de sete unidades habitáveis de 554 metros quadrados cada e diversas áreas de lazer e entretenimento, como piscina, sala de cinema, spa e bar.  A novidade, talvez por ter capacidade para apenas 70 pessoas ou pelas previsões maias do fim do mundo, tem sido um sucesso. E até o preço (cada apartamento custa mais de 2 milhões de dólares) não tem assustado os compradores, pois mais da metade dos imóveis já foi vendida. A garantia é a promessa de que as paredes do silo têm mais de 2,70 metros de largura e são capazes de suportar impactos nuclear, sismos e explosões solares, “enquanto os moradores poderão relaxar confortavelmente no seu jacuzzi”.

É, queridos irmãos, a capacidade mental humana aliada às tecnologias de hoje é assustadora. Eu, particularmente, tenho pena deste empreendedor e dos condôminos do Survival Condo. Não tenho outras palavras para expressar o que sentir por criaturas que não temem seu Criador. Pois acreditar que se pode ludibriar Deus e, pior, pôr a promessa de Deus à prova, é assinar a sentença de morte eterna. Se alguém quiser se esconder de Deus, poderá até se refugiar no inferno, que mesmo lá será encontrado.

Devemos sim estar preparados para o dia do Juízo Final, porque a única certeza que temos é que, um dia (ninguém sabe quando) Jesus retornará a Terra a fim de  julgar os vivos e os mortos.  E não temos como escapar disso. Deus manda que estejamos preparados. “Fiquem vigiando, pois o Filho do Homem chegará na hora em que vocês não estiverem esperando.” (Mateus 24.46). Com Cristo não temos porque temer.

Enquanto isso, muitas profecias e falsos profetas irão surgir, novas invenções para tentar impedir o que é impossível serão criadas, e só o que podemos fazer é vigiar, orar e levar a palavra de Deus ao conhecimento destes que estão perdidos.

Uma abençoada semana a todos!

Luana Lemke Guterres


Outgoing 6-20-12

I get lost in writing sometimes.  I enjoy the process of writing a letter, taking the time to re-read the letter I'm responding to, thinking about what I want to say, the physical actions of writing, finding an envelope (or making one), choosing a coordinating stamp from my rather small stamp collection, and finally dropping it into the post office's mail slot. 

I get so lost, in fact, that I often forget to photograph what I send out.  In some ways, I think this is a good thing - I don't want to spoil anything for anyone.  In other ways?  You guys, the readers of this blog, don't get any fun pictures of what I send out.  There has to be a balance somewhere... so I present you with the photo above.

I have also started keeping the mail that I need to respond to in the order I receive them in.  I found that when I was moving, some letters would get lost in the pile, and I'd end up not responding to some of them for months at a time.  For me, that's unacceptable.  At most I get one letter a day, usually one letter or postcard every couple of days - there's no reason why I can't respond faster.  Even with the move, the pile of mail grew to a point where I was unhappy with the idea of being so behind.  Hopefully that won't happen again!  Keeping the mail in the order I received it in will help me from letting a few letters slip by for a month or more before responding to it.

Town Hall Meeting

Please come to the Town Hall Meeting Tuesday June 26th from 6:30-8:30 at Christ Church Cathedral.  Let your voice be heard and help make Downtown and Lucas Park a safer place.



Portfolio piece

Little White Salmon Race, Metlako Falls!!!

Its been pretty hard to keep the frequent updates going as we are on the road and have had very little Internet time.I have been having an amazing time left Cali a few weeks back and headed to Hood River Oregon for the Little White Salmon Race.This was my second year in a row competing in this sick race.I teamed up with good kiwi mate Dylan Thompson.We didn't have the smoothest lines and ended up finishing in 14th place not the best ha, had Heap's of fun though!!!

A few days after the race we heard word that Metlako falls was in. We gathered a big crew together and made our way to the stout.This is the 3rd time I have fired this big dog stout up was stoked to get back there and fire it up. Here's a few pictures, enjoy!!!

Bradley Lauder showing good form!!!

Dylan big dog Thomson steezing the shit!!!!

Getting my monkey arm's on

Benny Marr running Punch Bowl falls, this stout is just above Metlako a nice little warm up before the big boy
 Jakub styling it

Stompin it, BROWN!!!!!

Myself and Dylan race day little white Salmon -Photo Reid Morth

Well stand by for a North Fork of the Payette Race update,had an amazing week there racing partying and having a good time with all the boys!!!

 I am currently in Canada now,been paddling Heep's,be nice if it was a little warmer ha, cant complain, life's good when ya stoutin!!!!