Outgoing 6-20-12

I get lost in writing sometimes.  I enjoy the process of writing a letter, taking the time to re-read the letter I'm responding to, thinking about what I want to say, the physical actions of writing, finding an envelope (or making one), choosing a coordinating stamp from my rather small stamp collection, and finally dropping it into the post office's mail slot. 

I get so lost, in fact, that I often forget to photograph what I send out.  In some ways, I think this is a good thing - I don't want to spoil anything for anyone.  In other ways?  You guys, the readers of this blog, don't get any fun pictures of what I send out.  There has to be a balance somewhere... so I present you with the photo above.

I have also started keeping the mail that I need to respond to in the order I receive them in.  I found that when I was moving, some letters would get lost in the pile, and I'd end up not responding to some of them for months at a time.  For me, that's unacceptable.  At most I get one letter a day, usually one letter or postcard every couple of days - there's no reason why I can't respond faster.  Even with the move, the pile of mail grew to a point where I was unhappy with the idea of being so behind.  Hopefully that won't happen again!  Keeping the mail in the order I received it in will help me from letting a few letters slip by for a month or more before responding to it.