Huckin Perspective

Well less than one week now and we will be in the land of big clean waterfalls MEXICO. So I thought I should do a little update on the huckin (waterfall running) aspect of kayaking. For me huckin is my favourite aspect of kayaking, there is no better feeling than dropping a 70ft+ drop and styling the line, you cant beat that free fall feeling it just keeps you coming back for more.

I ran my first big waterfall back in 2010 Metlako Falls I was so dam scared, since then I have run many big drops. The more stouts you hit the better you get and yeah you do learn the hard way. I have taken some huge hits gone over the bars boofed etc......There is definitely an art to huckin and every drop is different. Its such a fine line between taking too little of a stroke or pulling a little hard on your paddle. Its just not hit and hope stuff there is total control to running big waterfalls.

In my opinion Evan Garcia has the art of waterfall running down better than anyone on this planet so styley so smooth, you very rarely see Evan mess up a drop.Yep that's why we call him EG the Killer!!!!

(Wabena Fall 70ft Royal Gorge North Fork of the American)
This is the last big one in Royal Gorge 9 off us fired this stout of that day,with some good and bad lines.I went over the bars and took the biggest hit I have probably ever taken, felt rather dizzy at the bottom all  was good though

(Heath 2 Royal Gorge)(image Robby Hogg)
Fred Norquist having a sick line off heath 2, going for the boof stomp
Fred is a stout master for sure!!!

(Twin Falls 65ft Fostall Creek BC) (Image Mathias Fossum)

(Skookum Falls BC 60ft) (image Mathias Fossum)

(Wainui 65ft) (image Greg Thomas) 
This river would have to be my favorite run back home.This thing only flows after very heavy rain fall. I first D this drop back in august 2010. Cant wait to get back in there!!

(Round 5 Sutherland Falls 60ft Revelstoke) (image Mikkel St.Jean Duncan)

( Ram Falls Alberta Canada) (imaged Bradley Lauder)
To date this is the largest drop I have run. Ram Falls is around the 90ft range. As soon as I laid my eyes on this stout I was pretty keen to give it ago, such a nice Roley lip, just couldn't walk away from this one. I managed to stick the line, held a big right stroke, got my monkey arms on felt it out tossed the paddle and slowly tuck and braced for impact.
Peter Thompson fired this thing off first and crushed the line big ups bro, followed by Dylan Thomson and then myself!!

 Started working on this post yesterday and today I found out that Peter Thompson had lost his life on the Cheakamus River."I am stoked I got to no you bro, your such a nice chill guy, your a hard charger for sure bro, had some sweet times paddling together bro. I will never forget when we were at the lip of Ram Falls and you called it out "I am fired up bro I am ready to go" You and Dylan paper scissors rock off and you won, walked straight to your boat and styled the shit out of the Falls

I know your out there somewhere still charging bro, you will never stop"!!!

RIP Peter Thomson
Will run a big stout for you bro!!!

This is hard to put into words. All extreme sports have high risk white water kayaking falls in this category. If you paddle at a high level you are going to be taking calculated risks.You can get away with alot paddling hard white water but you can also get unlucky and get caught out in so called freak accidents.You try to do everything possible to stay safe on the river and not let theses things happen. But for me you have to put it in perspective that what we do is very risky and if you run hard white water and push the limits your running a risk and that risk could mean drowning. Anyone out there can get caught out I have had 2 friends now drown within the past year and a bit. Paddling is my life and I am willing to take theses risks. If some freak accident happen to me tomorrow and say I drowned, I would be stoked in what I have have achieved so far in my life!!!

Well cant wait to get to Mexico I have been dreaming of making it there for a few years now and now its happening. Starting to get real excited, one whole month in Mexico then Chile, its going to be an epic one. Hopefully my body holds together!!!


Wake Me Up When September Ends

Outgoing mail, 9-26-12

I had an incident happen to me a couple of weeks ago that I have been debating on talking about in letters.  It's not that it's a particularly edgy or controversial event, but it's something that falls into the "Could Have Been Very Bad" or "Close Call" category.  I think I have only told one or two people about the event in letters, but it is still something that really troubles me. But, due to it's nature, I'm still wondering who I can mention it to.  Mostly because I'm still trying to come to terms with what could have happened, but also because of the shock factor of the whole thing.  

It leads me to a question to you, dear readers.  What are the topics you completely refuse to talk about in letters?  Where is your line in the sand drawn?  Do you even have a line?

For me, that line is different for every person.  Not by choice, but I think it's something that I do without even thinking about it.  "Can't tell them that, what will they think!?!" enters my head quite a few times.  It's silly, sometimes, to think that etiquette steps in when all I want to do is just lay everything out on the table.  On the contrary, though,  I do think it makes for more interesting reading.  It brings an air of mystery to an otherwise standard "Hi, hello, everything is fine" message. 

I shall leave you with this -

A few days ago, my coworker, Kristina, announced that she was going to meet her sister for lunch at the well known Marietta Diner.  (Seriously, it's been on TV)  The diner is a few miles away from the office, so it makes a decent place to go when you have a little bit of time.  I only say that because there is usually a wait to get a table... even at 3:00 AM.

As she was leaving, I mentioned to her "Hey, Kristina, if you like me you'll stop across the street on your way back."  She was confused at first, but then it hit her.  Across the street from the diner is a Krispy Kreme store, and the light is on 24 hours a day, which for those of us that don't know, means that they are baking fresh doughnuts.  If you have never had a fresh Krispy Kreme doughnut, you really don't know what you're missing.

She hesitated before answering back "Well, I was going to surprise you, but since you ruined it, ok."  And brought me what you see below.  Trust me when I say this - it was worth it!


the tickets had been sitting in our desk drawer for over a month. yet even up until the night before - i still hadn't nailed down our babysitter plans.  even so - i very clearly imagined the two us snuggled up front row.  and thanks to my sweet amelia - last tuesday morning found me and my man concert bound.

we are a funny team. andrey and i. very different. but what i love most about andrey is that he let's me - be me. and it makes him happiest to watch me in my happiness.

just before we pulled in to spokane - i told him: we'll be going up to the front, ya know.  i won't be able to sit still up in a seat. i just love the music too much.  he laughed and said: for sure.

we sat still way up top through the two opening acts. and i debated my bravery. a sea of hipster teens making me second guess my happy heart - until he leaned over to me as the set was changing and whispered: let's go? 

we held hands. all the way to the front. and i danced in circles around him (standing just like that up there). a silly smirk on his face as my heart pounded and my feet stomped. you can't help but move when you're up that close. and by the fourth song we were keeping the beat together. snuggled in for the slow songs. hand claps on the happiest ones. lost in the music with everyone else.

he was the best concert date ever.
they were one of the best played shows ever.

we drove home to our babies in the middle of night. and spent the whole two hours trying to decide what instrument we'd have been in the band. i assigned him the drums.  and i got the tambourine.
he totally gets me.

3a Semana Farroupilha foi um sucesso

A 3a edição da Semana Farroupilha da CEL São Lucas chegou ao fim na tarde desta quinta-feira, 20, após um dia cheio de atividades. Pela manhã, houve o culto crioulo proferido pelo pastor Paulo Jung. Depois, os presentes confraternizaram em um típico almoço gaúcho de domingo: churrasco. O evento foi encerrado oficialmente com o canto do hino rio-grandense e descerramento da bandeira. Após, foi extinta a chama crioula.
A congregação São Lucas agradece a todos que colaboraram para a realização do evento e aos convidados e visitantes presentes nos últimos oito dias de programação que envolveram momentos de reflexão, louvor e confraternização.
Para quem ficou com um gostinho de quero mais ou não pôde participar do evento por algum motivo, aguarde a 4a edição...tchê!

Uma abençoada semana a todos!

Squamish Creekin

Well after another long drive we made it to Squamish for some quality creek boating.This would be my 2nd time creekin around squamish,  I sure do love this place. First Creek on the hit list was Fear Canyon of the Elaho, such an epic short run!!

Benny running the last big one Fear Canyon (Elaho)

Benny and Parker cleaning a sweet pinch
Fear Canyon (Elaho)

(Erik Johnson aka baby nips) dropping into the last big on Fear Canyon Elaho

EG crushing 50/50 Ashlu Box Canyon. Between the hole crew we ran around 30 laps of this stout!!!!

Fred getting balls deep, 50/50

The beautiful Ashlu Canyon.Such a sweet run full of classic moves and sick white water!!

 Fred on the 2 cleanest boofs the Ashlu has to offer!!!

Hike in to Tatlow Creek,so beautiful!!!

Few of the boys chilling below the first clean 20ft

Hector getting amongst it

Sam Ricketts on Wall drop

Ricketts dropping the 40ft slide

Directly below the 40ft slide is this stout 15ft log drop with a shitty cave on the river right.I portaged this one last year so was keen to firer her of this time!!

About to drop it!!!

 Airing the biggest boof I could and coming clean out the bottom!!!

Well man I love Squamish boatin Cristal clean water, clean stouts, amazing canyons and just a beautifully place to be yep they don't call it Beautiful British Columbia for nothing. Stoked I got Tatlow creek again such a good run!!!

Well less than 2 weeks now and we will be making the long drive down to Mexico Huckin paradise, cant wait to drop every stout left right and centre!!!


Rise Designs!

Super excited to now be part of the RISE Designs family. 

A local Tahoe design company, with style and fresh ideas. Mike and Marley are great guys, who's talent shines in there designs. Not only do they crave there artistic needs, they both thrive being on the snow and in nature.  
I look foreword to getting to know the crew more, and hope to enjoy some great adventures together, on and off the mountain. Either way I will be styling in there apparel!

RISE tree hat at Lake Tahoe

This graphic is one of my favorites, with lions, beautiful birds,  owls. 

Hand painted hats which are designed with nature in mind.

Going Up!

More South America Pictures, Sorry for the delay!

I have been back home from South America for over two weeks now. I am missing the snow, but enjoying life in Tahoe to the max! Friday is the "official" last day of summer, which means preparations for the winter season ahead. I can't wait to shred Kirkwood again with my friends.

If you don't travel much you, may take for granted the luxury of eating "right"and being able to excursive regularly. It has been a main focus since I got home to get back into top shape for snowboarding fun. This was my first trip out of the country so I had a rude awakening on how fast you can get out of shape, especially if two meals out of the day consist of white bread and Dulce de Leche.
Oh do I miss the Dulce de Leche;) 

Again I am sorry for the delay on these pics, but I hope you enjoy!
Learning spanish in the Panama air port. We were hoping a couple cocktails would ease the insecurities of  little to no way to communicate. 

View of Cerro Catedral from our hotel room. Not much coverage.

Another awesome surprise, the festival celebrating SNOW, the hour we arrive. 
Argentina really know how to have a prey for snow party!

Ok, here I am with a touristy comment. They put hats on your snowboard.

I love my Never Summer Lotus!

The crazy road to El Colorado

Super stoked to see friends from the states here in Chile.

A memorial at the top of the resort, in memory of cat drivers, who had died in an avalanche years past. 
Josh on top of the world!

Semana Farroupilha: últimos dias

A 3a edição da Semana Farroupilha da CEL São Lucas está chegando ao fim.  A congregação agradece a participação de todos os que vieram prestigiar o evento, mesmo sob forte chuva, como ontem, que não espantou o público que acompanhou o devocional do pastor Elmer Link, da Congregação São João, do bairro  Mathias Velho, e, depois, se deliciou com a paella gaudéria, feita pelo casal Silvia Guterres e Rodrigo Volkmer.

Hoje, no penúltimo dia, o pastor da congregação de Niterói, Olavo Güths, fará o devocional e, em seguida, será servido o jantar, que foi alterado de salchipão para vaca atolada.

Para o encerramento, amanhã, acontece o culto crioulo às 10h, churrasco ao meio-dia e 15h o descerramento da bandeira. Não percam os últimos dias!

Cute video filmed at my favourite Yoga studio! Exhale Center for Sacred Movement in Venice!

This video makes me want to get back to Southern California! 
I've done lot's of squats in that very room and love that studio so much! It's just steps from Venice beach. If you find yourself in L.A. get yourself to 245 South Main St, and wherever you are squat! It's not a new thing. It's our modern lifestyles and furniture that is to blame for many of our aches and pains. Protect your spine and don't lose that lumbar curve! Squat, squat and squat some more ;)

Have you registered yet? catch the early bird prices!

**Only $160 for 8 hrs of classes when you register before Sept 30!** 
Please join us on November 9-11 2012 for the Vancouver Yoga Conference and Show! 
at the Vancouver Convention Centre (under the sails)!
**I'm truly honoured to be presenting two workshops of my own as well on Prenatal Yoga.
They can be found on Page #10.  To register go to:
Hope to see you there! 

Semana Farroupilha 2º Dia

O segundo dia da 3ª Semana Farroupilha da CEL São Lucas contou com a presença de mais de 70 pessoas, entre membros e visitantes. As congregações Cristo, de Niterói, Ressurreição, de Nova Santa Rita, e Cruz de Porto Alegre, prestigiaram o evento, que teve devocional proferido pelo pastor Eliseu Krummenauer, de Nova Santa Rita. Em sua mensagem, o pastor ressaltou a cultura das tradições, passada de geração em geração, e a importância de usá-la neste momento para celebrar o amor de Deus. O pastor da congregação de Niterói, Olavo Güths, também se fez presente no evento. Ele será responsável pelo devocional na quarta-feira, 19.
Após o devocional, os presentes se deliciaram com o cardápio do dia: entrevero.  Jovens da congregação de Nova Santa Rita e da CELSP de Canoas embalaram a noite ao som de músicas típicas.
A 3ª Semana Farroupilha segue neste sábado, 15, com culto às 18h e jantar às 21h. Confira a programação aqui.

Almas Mudas - Jaula De Fiesta

My firt official music video for ALMAS MUDAS
Coming soon on MTV, 40 tv & SOL música

Semana Farroupilha - Nossas Riquezas

  A 3a edição da Semana Farroupilha da CEL São Lucas foi aberta na noite desta quinta-feira, 13,com a participação de membros e visitantes. O evento que se estende até apróxima quinta-feira, 20, teve início com o hasteamento da bandeira, canto do hino rio-grandense e acendimento da chama crioula em frente ao galpão crioulo da comunidade. Em seguida, os presentes acompanharam o devocional feito pelos pastores Paulo Jung e Maiquel Hellwig que dissertou sobre a importância de louvar a Deus pelas riquezas de nosso Estado, aproveitando o tema deste ano do evento "Nossas Riquezas". Os pastores reforçaram que o objetivo do evento é aproveitar este momento de resgate às tradições para nos reunirmos em Cristo. Por fim, os participantes confraternizaram com comida e música típicas.
  O evento segue nesta sexta-feira, 14, a partir das 18h30min. Confira a programação completa.
  Então, irmãos gaúchos, aproveitem esta oportunidade, tragam sua cuia e venham louvar e confraternizar conosco!

Interior book illustration

Another illustration for this upcoming book