Wake Me Up When September Ends

Outgoing mail, 9-26-12

I had an incident happen to me a couple of weeks ago that I have been debating on talking about in letters.  It's not that it's a particularly edgy or controversial event, but it's something that falls into the "Could Have Been Very Bad" or "Close Call" category.  I think I have only told one or two people about the event in letters, but it is still something that really troubles me. But, due to it's nature, I'm still wondering who I can mention it to.  Mostly because I'm still trying to come to terms with what could have happened, but also because of the shock factor of the whole thing.  

It leads me to a question to you, dear readers.  What are the topics you completely refuse to talk about in letters?  Where is your line in the sand drawn?  Do you even have a line?

For me, that line is different for every person.  Not by choice, but I think it's something that I do without even thinking about it.  "Can't tell them that, what will they think!?!" enters my head quite a few times.  It's silly, sometimes, to think that etiquette steps in when all I want to do is just lay everything out on the table.  On the contrary, though,  I do think it makes for more interesting reading.  It brings an air of mystery to an otherwise standard "Hi, hello, everything is fine" message. 

I shall leave you with this -

A few days ago, my coworker, Kristina, announced that she was going to meet her sister for lunch at the well known Marietta Diner.  (Seriously, it's been on TV)  The diner is a few miles away from the office, so it makes a decent place to go when you have a little bit of time.  I only say that because there is usually a wait to get a table... even at 3:00 AM.

As she was leaving, I mentioned to her "Hey, Kristina, if you like me you'll stop across the street on your way back."  She was confused at first, but then it hit her.  Across the street from the diner is a Krispy Kreme store, and the light is on 24 hours a day, which for those of us that don't know, means that they are baking fresh doughnuts.  If you have never had a fresh Krispy Kreme doughnut, you really don't know what you're missing.

She hesitated before answering back "Well, I was going to surprise you, but since you ruined it, ok."  And brought me what you see below.  Trust me when I say this - it was worth it!