Memorial Day Weekend

We had a big, furry, delightful house guest for the weekend and no, I'm not talking about Elmo... thank God! Many words come to mind when I think of Elmo and 'delightful' isn't one of them, but that's another topic for another day.

No, our furry guest was a beautiful Weimaraner named Winston (I Might Secretly Be A Dog Person), my favorite dog on the planet.

Although the two of them have met before, Lucas and Winston are definitely still in the "getting to know you" phase of their relationship, as evidenced by these photos:

Winston wouldn't hurt a fly and was very tolerant of Lucas' poking and prodding. It was really fun to watch the two of them together and imagine what our lives might be like with a four-footed friend around permanently.

I spent the weekend calling Winston Lucas and Lucas Winston and it got a little chaotic at times, but Winston is such a joy to dog sit and in almost every way, a hell of a lot easier than a toddler!

Before I sign off, I am very excited to report that my blog has been reviewed on
Blog Brew Review, a very cool blog dedicated to reviewing blogs. With so many blogs and so little time, this site is a wonderful time saver! Please check it our when you have the time.

A special thanks to Natalie (Mommy of a Monster (I Mean Toddler) and Infant Twins)
for writing such a nice review. :)

And last but not least, to all the brave men and women, who serve our country, who have served our country, and those that have given their lives, and to all of their families, God Bless you... and thank you for fighting for our freedom. Happy Memorial Day to everyone!

The best is yet to be.

his favorite bedtime story

tiedyeday1   tiedieday2  
<<pictures from pretzel’s tie-dye party>>

there once was a little boy named lukey who had a favorite t-shirt.  it was tie-dyed and if you asked him why he loved it so much he’d say, “because it has all of my favorite colors, red,  orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.”
he wore it everyday.
he slept in it every night.
and every morning his mother would say, “lukey – we really need to wash that shirt of yours today! it’s getting so dirty and starting to smell like mud pies!” and lukey would say, “one more day, mom. you can wash it tomorrow.”

so for one more day he:
:: splashed in mud puddles
:: ate an ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles
:: made cookies and splattered batter everywhere
:: painted a picture for his grammy
:: ate spaghetti for dinner

that night he climbed in his bed and got:
:: mud
:: ice cream sludge
:: chocolate chip cookie dough
:: some purple paint
:: a little red marinara sauce

all over his sheets.

in the morning his mother hollered, “luuuuuuukey! coooooooome heeeeeeeeeere! i made something special just for you!”
when he scuffled his sleepy feet into the kitchen and rubbed the sleepy from his eyes he saw a brand new tie-dyed shirt!
she’d made it with every color of the rainbow.
all of his favorites.
red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

“we’ll put that one in the wash – and you can wear this one. and when this one gets covered in mud pies and popsicle juice – we’ll put it in the wash and you can wear that one. deal?”

he thought about it real good for a second.

<<lucas jude + presley brynn – happy hippies - age four>>

a long overdue update

It's been a while, to say the least! I'm a little sad about it too. I wish I could blog every day. I have so much to write about! Life is just busier than ever before! We are... trying to sell our house/buy a new house, finishing up the school year (2 weeks to go!), taking 3 graduate courses over 6 weeks, fighting a few small educational battles, working on our local United Way campaign for next year, and preparing to go to JTC this July! I can't wait for this summer, so that I can blog more regularly, especially to chronicle our trip to LA!

Here are a few updates on Lucas:

1. Lucas is finally having his thumb fixed on June 16. Surgery has been cancelled twice this spring, first because he got pink eye the day before the first surgery, and second because he had a fever of unknown origin for several days before the second surgery. Please pray that he will finally have his trigger thumb fixed.

2. Lucas's health this spring has been rocky, to say the least. He had pink eye, which cancelled the first surgery and he was subsequently put on Augmentin for 10 days. 2 days after he stopped that, the pink eye came back, so then we gave him 7 days of antibiotic drops. A few days after the drops ended, he got sick and was vomiting. For 10 days after that, he had a moderate fever with absolutely no other symptoms. So, they ran a whole gamut of tests: urinalysis (by catheterization, poor kid!), blood work, chest x-ray, strep throat test - all negative. If he hadn't been acting so normally, they would have hospitalized him. Because of the 30 times higher risk of contracting meningitis that he has because of his cochlear implant, our pediatrician consulted the ENTs at CHOP and it was recommended that Lucas go back on Augmentin for 10 days. So, we did. Even though they didn't believe the problem was bacterial, but rather viral, they wanted to err on the side of caution. Throw in lots of awful diaper rash and many, many sleepless nights for the little man (and Mommy!!!), and it made for a pretty crappy springtime. Luckily he's been well since shortly after his re-scheduled surgery was cancelled on April 30. Please knock on wood.

3. We had a good experience with his new cardiologist. We really liked him, which is sooooo important to us. Lucas's heart condition has not improved, but does not seem to have gotten much worse either. Since it is a new doctor with new perspective, his take on things is a little different. This will be our baseline from now on. He was unable to get an accurate heart echo because of Lucas's cooperation level, so he's going to take advantage of Lucas being under general anesthesia during his thumb operation and get a good reading then. We will anxiously await more accurate details of his heart. For now, we're just glad that he has no activity restrictions and is a happy little boy.

4. Lucas is now in a toddler bed. During all of his sick days, he first figured out how to crawl out of the pack-n-play at my mom's house, and then climbed out of his crib at home. We went into "operation big boy bed" mode, and set up the toddler bed on a Tuesday night. We felt that we didn't really have a choice. We didn't want him to hurt himself. It's gone really well. He LOVES it, and wants to show everyone who comes over his "new bed". We're glad that he can't yet manipulate the door knobs in his bedroom, so he's at least confined to his room for now. I've also learned how helpful a video monitor is, as I can see whether or not Lucas is sleeping in bed. He has a tendency to fall asleep at the door or on his glider rocker.

 5. I think that Lucas was a fish in his former life. This kid loves to swim and has NO fear of water AT ALL! He and his cousin, Ryan, have enjoyed some hot days in the kiddie pool in the backyard. We took him swimming at an in-ground pool Thursday night, and he was crazy! He kept dunking his head and trying to swim back and forth between us. I think we will continue to encourage this interest of his, because we too love to swim! I love that he can hear while he swims too!

6. When and if we finally do move, we will really miss being able to walk to 2 great parks! Lucas enjoys the park, and it's great physical therapy for him. Although he's doing really well physically, we can still tell that he has weaknesses with his balance. When we put him down after holding him, for instance, we have to hold on for a few seconds to help him get his balance, or else he falls right on his hiney. He's still working on running and jumping, and we're practicing walking on uneven surfaces and stepping over things. The park is great for all of that!

7. We've been enjoying some community outings when Lucas has been feeling well! A few weekends ago there was a little fest in our town, and Lucas had a blast on the barrel ride pictured above. Last night we went to a popcorn festival in a local town too. I hope that we can go to more!

8. Lucas's language continues to explode. He's beginning to ask questions, and consistently strings 3 & 4 word sentences together. We continue to be thankful for Lucas's wonderful therapists. Lucas is no longer attending Clarke PA's toddler group because of the time and distance, but we continue to hold it in high regard and wish that we just lived a bit closer. Lucas will, however, be attending a mainstream preschool for 2.5 year olds 3 days a week starting in September. We're really looking forward to that. That's also about the time when we will begin the IEP transition. I'm so glad that I have so many blog friends to look to for guidance on that process!!!

Sorry about the super long post! It was the easiest way for me to update things. Hopefully I can start blogging more very soon! Did I mention that there are only 2 weeks until summer freedom? I'm really, really, really looking forward to it!

Yule Creek high water!!!

Well we arrived in Colorado yesterday after a big drive from the creeks in Cali.
We decided to start off big in Colorado and headed to Yule Creek. The water levels were on the high side, but she was still good to go. This would have to be the scarest thing I have paddle before, I was shit scared!!! , but decided to sack up and give her. You go so fast down the slides its super rowdy but heaps of fun. Pic by bradley Lauder shot bro

The middle big slide , you pick up a bit of speed on this one

This is the last big one, and the gnarlest. So rowdy and fast!!!

Sam sticking it

The Things We Do For Our Kids

Warning: For all of you truly "green" living, energy conservationists, please do not read this post! It will only upset you.

I didn't ask a lot of questions, so I'm not sure how it happened exactly, but somehow before Lucas got in his bath last night, his lovey ended up in it first. Three guesses who was on bath duty...

Luckily, he fell asleep as usual in my arms in the rocking chair while the lovely was in the dryer (on high) for 40 minutes and he even made it to his crib without it, because it wasn't dry yet.

He stirred and whimpered after a second 40 minute cycle, but didn't wake up and didn't seem to miss it, thank goodness!

At almost 9:00, while hubby and I are fading fast, I started to panic and had visions of Lucas waking up in the middle of the night crying because he wouldn't have his Comfort & Joy. Would you believe that the damn thing had to go through ANOTHER cycle before it was dry enough to place in his arms?! That's 120 minutes of dry time.

Isn't it ridiculous what we put ourselves and our poor household appliances through for the sake of our children (and a good night's sleep)?

The best is yet to be.

Job Hunt

My resume doesn't look so hot these days. For the past year, I've mostly worked for Touchstone writing their blog. I painted a house in Yosemite West, I wrote a few articles for climbing magazines, and I did some other odd jobs. Nowhere on my list of previous employment is anything using my Economics and Business Management degree. There's a significant lack of solid long-term employment. So I decided I need to pad out my resume to get my next job.

"So, James I see you a UC Santa Cruz alumni," the accounting manager of Deloitte's auditing department and my prospective employer will say to me. "Banana Slugs right?"

"No known predator, sir," I'll smile and wink, trying my best to be charming.

"Right right, let's see. Worked doing some freelance writing, a number of publications, oh and what's this? really!? No? Well, James. I don't know what to say....," he'll put my resume down and look at me. "Did you really walk on the moon while working for NASA?"

I'll nod. "Of course. It's part of the training for all the janitorial engineers that they go into space."

"Well, with an experience like that you could be doing space shuttle repair or building new rockets, or just about anything...what makes you want to work here?" the prospective employer will say.

"NASA wanted me to go on a dangerous mission to a remote aesteroid that was plummeting towards the Earth. I had to drill an enormous hole in it and then blow it up. It'd be me and Bruce Willis on the team. I decided I didn't want to go and figured if the world was gonna end in 3 weeks I might as well get a stable job working 50 hours a week."

And then he'll give me the job.

Do Everything Good

Who doesn't heart this?

The best is yet to be, especially with Jessica's attitude!

Keeping Busy

I find the busier I keep Lucas during the day, the better both our dispositions, not to mention, tiring him out usually means more naps!

Climbing the stairs is a good place to start, but doesn't quite cut it most days, so each week we attend a music class, go for walks along the beach or throughout the small town where we live, visit each of the three different parks in our neighborhood and have Mommy & Me play dates.

I am forever trying to find fun new things for us to do in order to pass the time... especially the bewitching hours of 2:00 - 5:00.

Today we went to the Sea Life Aquarium and Legoland with our friends Jenn and her one year old, Tristan. It was a very fun day.

If you think that there isn't anything to do for one year olds at Legoland, you are sorely mistaken. Duplo Playtown was made for toddlers with it's little tot-sized buildings, slides and all the Duplo they can play with.

After a sufficient amount of play, we walked the boys through Miniland U.S.A., which includes reproductions of seven areas of the United States, all constructed with 20 million Legos in 1:20 scale. It truly is amazing and a definite must-see. The Las Vegas strip was my favorite.

The boys had a great time and we will be returning soon.

The best is yet to be.

Guest Post

It has been a while since we have had a guest post from your aunt Leah or a nice long visit. Luckily, while your dad was out of town this week on a business trip, she came down for a couple of days and with her, she brought this month's special message to you:


I haven’t seen you in 39 days and it’s killing me…literally! Okay, maybe not literally, but I’m really not happy with it. Sure absence makes the heart grow fonder, but I already adore you, so the time away from you isn't changing anything. I understand though, you and your family have been busy little bees the past month and a half. I mean, geez, you all went to Australia! I hope that you remember me when I see you. I’m not too sure what your memory bank is like at (almost) 12 months old, but it would be sweet if you totally recognized me and got all excited to see me. We’ll see...

Fortunately, your mom invited me to come spend two days with you guys in San Diego this week. I am super thrilled to see you and spend some time with your mom. I don’t mean to sound like the doting aunt but you are getting bigger everyday and learning new things about this world so fast, and like your Grandma Adams would say, you are growing older but I’m staying the same age. Right?! :) I cannot believe that you are going to be 1 year old in ten days! This year has flown by! Never before have those words been truer than about this past year.

This week your mom sent me a picture of you sitting in one of my old wicker baby chairs from Pakistan. I brought it for you several months ago when you were much too small to sit in it. I certainly thought it would be a lot longer before you were able to sit comfortably in it. But look at you now; it’s the perfect size for you! It makes me happy to see you in that, that chair is sort of symbol of your family traveling background. Your mom has a lot of neat things around the house from all over the world and I love that this chair is one of them. It’s also fun that I used to sit in it just like you! My parents would have loved to have seen you in it. They would have gotten the biggest kick out of it!

So while I know that living in LA is far closer to you then when I was living in Phoenix, it just isn't close enough. I have seriously been considering the possibility of moving to San Diego in a year or so to be nearer to you guys. I want to be able to drop by for dinner once in awhile or take you for the day while your mom and dad hang out. I just can’t do those things now living an hour and a half away. We’ll see about it, but it’s a definite possibility.

Well, precious nephew, that’s all for this guest post. I love you more everyday.

Love always,

Aunt Leah

Thanks, Leah. I have included the photo I texted to you. I love that you kept that chair and passed it on to Lucas. We have a find a photo of you when you were his age sitting in it.

See you next weekend for the big boy's birthday celebration. :)

The best is yet to be.

Second Chances

I am finally doing something that my friend Natalie over at Mommy of a Monster (I Mean Toddler) and Infant Twins has been encouraging me to do for a while now; enter Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop.

This meme is hosted by Mama's Losin' It each week she offers different prompts to chose from and you write about the one you picked, hence tapping into your more creative mommy side. So, here goes nothing!

Prompt #2: If you could do your wedding over again, how would you do it?

I was fortunate enough to have the gift of a wedding re-do and this time with the right groom!

My husband and I have been married for three years this August and like most brides, whenever I think about our wedding day, I feel all warm and happy inside. It was the perfect day.

My second wedding was exactly what I had wanted the first time around: small, intimate and all about the two of us and our love for our closest family and friends.

Since I had been married before and could care less about having another big princess/fairy tale-type shindig with everyone I have ever (or in some cases never) met as guests, we decided to keep it simple, yet elegant.

It was held in our home and we invited 40 guests (27 were in attendance).

You'd think with such a small gathering at home, planning would be a cinch.

Not the case.

All of the typical wedding planning frustrations over menu options, scheduling conflicts, budget constraints and discussions about cake flavors and invitation wording existed, but we had fun planning this amazing party and would both do it again.

We hired our favorite restaurant to cater, help with service, set-up and clean up. We hired a local Spanish guitarist to perform, rented tables, chairs, linens and glassware and asked a friend of a friend to make our cake. Champagne, beer and wine were purchased at Costco and I ordered my dress on I was shocked when it actually fit, which has never happened to me before... EVER! It was the dress I was meant to wear.

One of the sweetest moments was when my sister sang an impromptu solo of "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life" and I love that after the cake was cut, our living room turned into Dance Party U.S.A.!!

Nope, I honestly wouldn't change a single thing.... Okay, there was the sweaty photographer that we had my mother-in-law ask to leave shortly after dinner was served. To be fair, there just wasn't enough for him to shoot. We stayed in the same location and he had the same three dozen guests as subjects.

I was pleased with his work and here are three of my favorite moments he captured:

Second changes are pretty rare and I count my lucky stars that I was able to have this one.

The best is yet to be.

Nothing Tastes as Good as Sending Feels

"If you lost ten pounds," Cedar fidgeted on his basalt throne at the Gold Wall, "and did some yoga, you could climb 5.14 this year."

I try not to listen to Cedar often but he had a point. Rob told me the same thing a few times, so has Honnold, and Drew Rollins, and a number of other climbers. There's a pretty solid correlation between grip and weight ratio. Be strong, be light, and you will crush- being a Man of Girth won't get you up the cliff.

After my screws in my foot were removed, I sat around on the coach. Some would say that I was just a little big, some might say I just had broad shoulders. My mom would have said that I was, "Husky." I went to Indian Creek with a lot of weight above my belt, I weighed more than I ever have before.

The wafer thin super model Kate Moss gave me my mantra, "Nothing Tastes as good as skinny feels." I realized that I had been eating a lot. I decided that I needed to adjust my weight, and tighten my belt. Before I fell in Joshua Tree, I weighed about 157 pounds. I was thin, lean and mean. I ran around 14 miles a week, not much but combined with cycling up and down from UC Santa Cruz campus a couple times a day, I was fit. After I fell, I couldn't run anymore because of the fusion in my ankle. So, I started to get fat.

After punting from the top of most of the routes in Indian Creek, I decided I need to return to the lean mean climbing machine that James Lucas once was. I looked at myself in the mirror and screamed, "Get it together tubby! Stop day dreaming about pie and apple fritters. Start flexing and do some god damn rock climbing."

I tried to enlist some group support. Shannon Moore and I stepped on scales, weighed ourselves, and said we'd lose 10 pounds by June 15. That'd be like 160 for me. So far, I'm not sure how close I actually am to that goal. I don't have a scale and suspect that I haven't lost any actual weight. My diet has gotten significantly better- less pie and candy bars more apples and grapes. I've actually been climbing really well lately. Every week, I'm doing a little better than the week before.

The plan is send the sport project- at least one, maybe both. I managed to eek out a redpoint of my Gold Wall project yesterday. I sent it my fourth try of the day, after four previous attempts. I hoped it was 5.13- but after watching Stanley send it second try, Nik Berry and Hayden Kennedy flash it, the route was quickly down rated to 12d. Balls. Wicked Gold is still hard. Then after sending the sport proj, head back to a dry Yosemite and head up on the Leaning Tower. The Westie Face seeps through most of the spring and this has been a particularly wet year. Still, I think I can do it. I'm bouldering fairly well, and definitely stronger.

I'm not sure how it started, but I must have gotten poison oak on my clothes or my hands. It looks like I virtually swam in it. The Oak covers my forearms and torso, onto my upper thighs, and across my armpits. I have to swim in calamine lotion right now. It is making me slightly neurotic. When I say slightly, I mean totally insanely neurotic. If I could lose all my poison oak, I'd ditch a solid five pounds in water and oil retention. Might be times to put on more calamine.

Breathe (extended, instructional version)

It seems so simple because it really is. It's always there with us, it's free, it's portable, and it really can turn your entire day around. Next time you are stressed turn to your breath and let go. ahhhh....


Lovey - Update

On the day you were born, the first family member you met was your Aunt Leah. When she arrived at the hospital, she brought you Arnold the Snoring Pig.

Arnold makes snoring sounds, talks in his sleep while his ears and body move when you press his hoof.

You can't quite press his foot yet without help, but you LOVE this pig and think that all of your stuffed animals have a "magic" paw. It's really cute; you hand us monkeys, giraffes and teddy bears and want us to make them move.
Clearly, no matter how many furry, fuzzy, plush toys you have, your heart still belongs to your lovey.

The best is yet to be.

East Vanity Parlour

Lets face it "yogi or not" we all like to get pampered once in a while (and yes we like to look good too!)

I am not your typical girl in a lot of ways. I'm not a big fan of shopping and honestly, I used to dread going to the salon. I have been colouring my hair for what feels like a million years. (since 1978 actually. really has been a million years!)

I always enjoyed flippin' through the fashion magazines at salons, but honestly couldn't wait til it was over so I could get home and 're-do' my hair before heading out and doing something fun.

Finally nearly 6 years ago. (My 40th birthday to be exact) my boyfriend took me to meet Kristi. Kristi Johanson. Kristi is the sweetest, kindest, funniest...and most talented hair gal out there! And she's a wicked burlesque performer and musician to boot! (a.k.a. Camero Luvroc & The New Black)

East Vanity Parlour is a super fun and chill little beauty parlour located right here in our amazing hood.
Kristi and the gals (who are all equally cool and incredibly talented) will fix you up and beautify you any old time you like. Any old way you like! I'm talking guys, gals, colour, cuts. Updo's....Literally everything and anything you like. Whatever the occassion.

And you'll have fun! (I have never gone to get my hair done so much in my life since Kristi opened her shop!) Even when my hair doesn't need to be done. haha! I can't stay away!

Anyhow...I thought I'd include this little promo video (bottom of page) that somebody made for EVP because I find it adorable. Keep in mind though that there is no smoking or drinking on the premisis and this is just a promo. But yes, they are all that cute! That cute and then some!

Lot's of guys frequent this place as well. It's not just for gals.
I love Kristi.
I love my hair.
and I love the fun.. the atmosphere..the harmless gossip.. and all the hair tips I get every single time I go. And you will too!

East Vanity Parlour is located directly across the street from Mt.Pleasant Community Centre at 46 Kingsway Av. To make an appointment the number is 604-637-1122.

What's left of the old Mt.Pleasant Community Centre

Here are a couple of shots I took yesterday of the old Mt.Pleasant site (Victoria Day long weekend/16th @ Ontario st) I find it sort of funny that all thats left are some weights from the gym.
*If you have not yet checked out the new location it is a MUST SEE and is located at 1 Kingsway. (Main and Broadway) It will blow you away. It is one wild facility.

Click here for the website

Change is inevitable and constant. It's all good.

Ahhh...the old Mt.Pleasant CC.
I rode my bike past there yesterday, and that extremely well used community centre is now a pile of rubble.
I couldn't help but reminisce about all the classes I taught there or the many mom & baby picnic's I held on those grounds in the past half dozen years. Many good times.

Card illustration

Illustration of the card game Fallenworldsonline for D6 Studio

Take A Picture, It'll Last Longer

They say parents take more photos of their first children than they do of subsequent children. I don't know if that's true or not, but I have taken roughly 3000 pictures (yes, I counted) of you since you were born. That's a boat load of photos!

I text one-a-day to your grandparents, dad and two aunts and in order to get a good one (i.e. you looking at the camera and hopefully smiling while doing something super cute), there are at least five others that no one sees but me. Unless they are really awful (i.e. completely out of focus), I can't bring myself to delete them. Hence the reason there are so many. I'm sure that it also is because you are my first and I'm so completely in awe of you and trying to capture every single adorable moment.

Occasionally, I will print out my favorites and have already filled two photo albums and countless picture frames. You are plastered all over our refrigerator and sent with greeting cards to loved ones who aren't tech savvy.

What else do I do with them?

I suppose with everything being digital nowadays, they can all live peacefully on my computer and wherever I want to look at them, I can. ***Note To Self: I must remember to do a back up!!***

Even before my little bundle of joy's arrival, I was a huge photo taker and always the one at events with a camera. I have thousands of them, mostly in zip lock bags, some in albums and a lot in collage frames. I have visions of beautifully organized and labeled photo boxes (yeah, with all my free time, I'll get right on that!) and a family photo wall, which may be more realistic.

Photos... How do you store, share, display and enjoy yours? Any fun, creative ideas to share (beyond scrap booking, as I just don't think I have the patience for that)?

Meanwhile, say "Cheese"!

The best is yet to be.

The 8th annual camp moomba yogathon & blissfest is right around the corner!

On Saturday, July 24, 2010, two thousand people will participate in the 8th Annual Camp Moomba Yogathon & Blissfest to raise awareness and funds for children impacted by HIV/AIDS. The much needed funds raised from this event will help send a child to summer camp for an experience of a lifetime. ...

**For more information click here**
And keep in mind that this event has it all!
(I mean even if you weren't into yoga!)
It is also a sustainability fair who's marketplace is bursting with organic, sustainable, and healthy consumer products, clothing and services.

You can find me at the Shanti Uganda Society booth all day long. To learn about one of my ALL time favourite charities and what they do and how you can help you can click here for the Shanti Uganda website.

Looking forward to seeing you there! This fabulous event takes place Saturday July 24th at UBC MacInnes Field here in beautiful Vangroovy, British Columbia.


Private commission

Graduation Day 2

Two graduation days in two weeks!? See We Did It! for last week's reason to celebration.

Today, Lucas successfully completed his second eight-week Kindermusik
class! Another diploma for the refrigerator door. :)

This was a great class and we have, once again signed up for another session.

The best is yet to be.


froggy boy me + babe-in-belly frog leggies  (19 weeks)

a boy.
to join his brothers.
a mama + her boys.
now how sweet is that?!

You Spin Me Right 'Round

Not unlike most toddlers, you have a fascination with ceiling fans. You love them! Dare I say, you are a bit obsessed. It must be the rhythmic motion of the blades spinning round and round, or it could just be the breeze that they provide.

You love to point out fans everywhere we go and prefer for them to be moving. If they aren't on, you stare and point at them until they are.

We only have one in our home, in my bedroom. It is on 24/7. We don't have air conditioning in our house, so it is almost a necessity, especially with the summer months approaching. It is the first thing you notice when you enter our room.

This weekend, while I was away for two glorious nights on a girls spa getaway in San Luis Obispo, Daddy took you to The Home Depot to buy you a ceiling fan of your very own.

I think this photo says it all:
Installation is tomorrow.

The best is yet to be.