his favorite bedtime story

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<<pictures from pretzel’s tie-dye party>>

there once was a little boy named lukey who had a favorite t-shirt.  it was tie-dyed and if you asked him why he loved it so much he’d say, “because it has all of my favorite colors, red,  orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.”
he wore it everyday.
he slept in it every night.
and every morning his mother would say, “lukey – we really need to wash that shirt of yours today! it’s getting so dirty and starting to smell like mud pies!” and lukey would say, “one more day, mom. you can wash it tomorrow.”

so for one more day he:
:: splashed in mud puddles
:: ate an ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles
:: made cookies and splattered batter everywhere
:: painted a picture for his grammy
:: ate spaghetti for dinner

that night he climbed in his bed and got:
:: mud
:: ice cream sludge
:: chocolate chip cookie dough
:: some purple paint
:: a little red marinara sauce

all over his sheets.

in the morning his mother hollered, “luuuuuuukey! coooooooome heeeeeeeeeere! i made something special just for you!”
when he scuffled his sleepy feet into the kitchen and rubbed the sleepy from his eyes he saw a brand new tie-dyed shirt!
she’d made it with every color of the rainbow.
all of his favorites.
red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

“we’ll put that one in the wash – and you can wear this one. and when this one gets covered in mud pies and popsicle juice – we’ll put it in the wash and you can wear that one. deal?”

he thought about it real good for a second.

<<lucas jude + presley brynn – happy hippies - age four>>