Take A Picture, It'll Last Longer

They say parents take more photos of their first children than they do of subsequent children. I don't know if that's true or not, but I have taken roughly 3000 pictures (yes, I counted) of you since you were born. That's a boat load of photos!

I text one-a-day to your grandparents, dad and two aunts and in order to get a good one (i.e. you looking at the camera and hopefully smiling while doing something super cute), there are at least five others that no one sees but me. Unless they are really awful (i.e. completely out of focus), I can't bring myself to delete them. Hence the reason there are so many. I'm sure that it also is because you are my first and I'm so completely in awe of you and trying to capture every single adorable moment.

Occasionally, I will print out my favorites and have already filled two photo albums and countless picture frames. You are plastered all over our refrigerator and sent with greeting cards to loved ones who aren't tech savvy.

What else do I do with them?

I suppose with everything being digital nowadays, they can all live peacefully on my computer and wherever I want to look at them, I can. ***Note To Self: I must remember to do a back up!!***

Even before my little bundle of joy's arrival, I was a huge photo taker and always the one at events with a camera. I have thousands of them, mostly in zip lock bags, some in albums and a lot in collage frames. I have visions of beautifully organized and labeled photo boxes (yeah, with all my free time, I'll get right on that!) and a family photo wall, which may be more realistic.

Photos... How do you store, share, display and enjoy yours? Any fun, creative ideas to share (beyond scrap booking, as I just don't think I have the patience for that)?

Meanwhile, say "Cheese"!

The best is yet to be.