The Things We Do For Our Kids

Warning: For all of you truly "green" living, energy conservationists, please do not read this post! It will only upset you.

I didn't ask a lot of questions, so I'm not sure how it happened exactly, but somehow before Lucas got in his bath last night, his lovey ended up in it first. Three guesses who was on bath duty...

Luckily, he fell asleep as usual in my arms in the rocking chair while the lovely was in the dryer (on high) for 40 minutes and he even made it to his crib without it, because it wasn't dry yet.

He stirred and whimpered after a second 40 minute cycle, but didn't wake up and didn't seem to miss it, thank goodness!

At almost 9:00, while hubby and I are fading fast, I started to panic and had visions of Lucas waking up in the middle of the night crying because he wouldn't have his Comfort & Joy. Would you believe that the damn thing had to go through ANOTHER cycle before it was dry enough to place in his arms?! That's 120 minutes of dry time.

Isn't it ridiculous what we put ourselves and our poor household appliances through for the sake of our children (and a good night's sleep)?

The best is yet to be.