North Fork Race-Shit running Alberta Canada

Well here is a bit of a post of what I have been up to in the last 3 weeks. I was lucky enough to get selected to race in the elite division for the North Fork Championships.This race was on a totally next level, very stout and lots of moves to make. I end up placing pretty low in the pack, but was super stoked to be appart of such a sick race and that I survived it!!!!

After the race we made our way to Alberta Canada for some stoutin!!!!

Jacobs ladder the stout part of the race for sure!!!!

Ryan Casey,this dude killed it out there and ended up taking the win on the day!!!!

Myself making my way down Jacobs ladder,few days before race day!!!

One of the gates what I missed ha

Would like to say a big thanks to Riot Kayaks for sending me a brand new magnum to the North Fork thanks Heep's!!!!!!


Our first creek In Alberta Cameron Creek

Dylan Thomson steezing the 20ft on Cataract Creek

Bradley boofin the same drop

The last big one on Cataract creek, about to take a bit of a beating and swim my ass out of the hole,
4th swim for me this trip!!!!!!

Chilling in Canmore,such a sweet place!!!

Bradley, Johnston Canyon, Stella Falls

Chris McTaggart big boof on Johnston's

 Myself Boofing a nice 20ft- Johnston's

Dylan balls deep on the 40ft Big Horn Creek

The big boy 100ft Ram Falls Ram river

Peter Dylan and myself at the lip of this massive stout.The lip was nice and Roley and looking good to go, really stoked we sacked up am ran this huge stout. Healed a big right stroke felt it out tossed the paddled and braced for impact.The hit wasn't to bad, ended up swimming could hand role typical!!!
Definitely the biggest I have ever gone and it felt soooo sick bring on more big BROWN stouts!!!!

Well stay posted we are on our way to Whistler, cant wait to get there!!!!