seattle air

soul city 034soul city collage

my mom’s totem animal is a dolphin.
on a wobbly boat in the middle of the ocean - somewhere in tahiti
she leaned over the bow and took a deep breath. she’d made her connection.
i’m not sure what my animal is.
although - i did feel an odd connection to the hippo at a zoo once.

i do know - however – what my totem city is.
it’s seattle. and i’ve known for a long time.

i could roll around with that city for years.
my window goes down as soon as we hit the mountain pass.
i stick my head out like a happy puppy.

i breathe that city in deep.

soul city 017

not sure how andrey got me to come home. must have been the promises he made me to return again soon.
again and again and again.
love, lin