Playing With Paints

All of my creative energy comes some time between 11:30 and 12:00 midnight.  I wonder why that is.  Maybe it's my brain trying to de-clutter after the day's worth of thoughts.  But, tonight's experiment involved a box of old acrylic paint I've had for a couple of years, some cheap paint brushes, and the completely awesome weather we had today.

I would like to continue to experiment with paint, but as someone who has never taken an art class in his entire life, I'm scrambling the internet to find sources of techniques.  Oh, the internet, what would I do without it.  What you see above is the first steps in the experiment, and I must admit I enjoyed it.  The "painting" is simple, but if I practice enough, I should become better.  

I'm debating on going and getting a sketchbook and some more paints and brushes tomorrow.  Care to fund my artistic experimentation?  Anyone?  No?  Fair enough..

The ever inspirational Limner sent me a grab bag of some scraps from her collection and a note saying "I cant wait to see what you create."  And create I shall... one step at a time.

There won't be a Sunday summary this week.  I've still not written any letters since the last big send out, and I haven't received anything either.  I know, I know... you must send to receive.  Soon.

It's almost 1AM.  I think I should sleep.  Do you have any favored sure to put you to sleep remedies, reader?  Insomnia is a killer.  The start of allergy season always has me stuck with a bout of difficult to break insomnia.  I blame the meds, but I bet it's the sudden burst of energy from the sun that keeps me fueled through the night.