Tuesday the 13th!

Tuesday the 13th is a thing, right?  No?  Well, let's make it a thing.

This is my outgoing mail for Tuesday the 13th.  Dawid, a blog reader from Poland, gets the only letter I will send out.  It is long overdue, but I hope I have made up for it being so late!  I would have written more letters, but I had a rather large glass of wine with dinner and haven't really felt like doing anything else.

As I was working on the 6 Postcrossing cards that are going out, I noticed something that really bugged me.  Maybe I'm being too picky, but those people that ask for very specific cards, they really make me dislike the postcrossing process.  Someone asked for "only cards with a picture of a lemur".  I looked through the 300 something cards I have waiting to find a home and... no lemurs.  Not even a hint of lemur.  They got a cartoon of a singing cat instead.  It will just simply have to do.

Oh well... Happy writing, friends!