Incoming Summary

This lovely collection of mail represents very nearly everything I have received since Monday.  I haven't sent anything out since my last big send out on the 5th.  I have been taking a little break from everything to avoid repetitive stress injuries on both of my hands/arms.  The left one from writing far too much, and the right one from dealing with a massive increase of data entry responsibilities at work.  Typing for 5-6 hours a day will really wear you down.  I will get replies out to everyone soon!

I -did- get some very generous donations to the Holocaust Stamp Project - one from Troy and one from PostMuse.  I am working on something very special for everyone that donates, but more details on that later.

A recent discussion in the blogosphere has been about how you all store your mail.  I have been reading these posts with great interest - my storage is highly inefficient if I want to go back and reference a previous letter.  I will need to do something soon to prevent it becoming impossible to find something.  

Hope you all are doing well!