let the countdown begin...

Countdown to what, you might ask? Why, our trip to the John Tracy Clinic, of course! One week from today we head to sunny Los Angeles! I think we finally have everything together. All the paperwork has been sent, hotels have been booked on both ends, and I found a great car rental deal last night. Now, we just have to pack! That will be the tricky part.

I remember sitting outside at Laurie's wedding in Southern California last May and talking about coming back this summer to attend JTC. I was only dreaming about it, and I can't believe that it's actually going to be a reality! I am already really grateful for this amazing opportunity. I've been getting even more hyped up about the trip from this blog I found, thanks to Leah!! It's fun to read about some things that we have to look forward to.

Summer really began when my last grad course ended last Friday. Lucas and I have been having a lot of fun spending quality mommy/Lucas time. I've been dragging him around with me everywhere, which I don't always do when Nate's around. It's been kind of fun. Lucas has also gotten to spend a lot of time with his cousin, Ryan! We spent a couple of days at his house last week, and then he and Aunt Kristin came to visit Oma & Opa (and us, I like to believe) this week.

They're so much fun together these days, because they look forward to seeing each other, and they no longer practice parallel play exclusively. They actually play together and pay attention to each other! I hope these boys grow up to be best friends. And they're only 1 month apart.

But, I also had a lot of bad luck this week. First my car battery died, and then it was towed to the wrong garage. A few days later, my car was egged and mustard was smeared all over it. Very deliberate. Then, a tree fell on our house (causing very minimal damage, thank goodness). Today it was removed. I'm so happy that Nate is coming home tonight! I can't wait to see Lucas's excitement tomorrow!

I hope to blog every day from JTC! That's not a promise, but a strong wish. I also want to tweet while I'm there. You can follow me on Twitter @mommytolucas. I will have to approve your follower request, but please do request to follow me! The more followers I have, the more motivated I will be to tweet!