My Favorite Day Of The Week 3

Ah, Friday, my favorite day of the week and my favorite activity... flipping stuff off!

And so, without further adieu:

#1 Why is it that in the dead of the night when all is quiet and I should be resting my weary eyes and body, my mind is racing and I can't relax, let alone sleep? It's completely stupid! Flip off brain, know when to say when!!

#2 LAUNDRY get s a big ole "F*** You!" Why is it so incessant? Enough said.

#3 I have special Flip Off to my tiny bladder... seriously, you are driving me crazy! I don't have the time to spend in the bathroom that you require. What gives? Are you shrinking with age or something, because I used to pride myself in being able to hold it for a lot longer than I can nowadays. Of course, I did have a serious bout of bladder infections there for a while, but that's besides the point, so Flip Off!

#4 I am so NOT a cat person and there are four (I think) that live in our neighborhood and they enjoy using our patio furniture to lounge on and that would be fine (not really), but they leave tons of fur behind and as someone that is allergic to felines, all I can say is Flip Off, go find another comfy $500 couch to destroy.

#5 I'd like to Flip Off people that think their cars are so much bigger than they are and either take up more than one parking space and/or take forever to get out of one. If you can't handle the gas guzzling SUV you're driving, get a Prius!

I always feel a lot better after these weekly purges, thanks Gigi at Kludgy Mom.

Happy Fourth of July weekend, everyone!

The best is yet to be.