Saddest. Day. Ever.

Last week our beloved nanny told us she and her husband will be moving to Idaho at the end of the month. Needless to say, telecommuting won't work in this particular case.

It was a very sad day in our house.

Before you judge, yes, I have a nanny and I have come to depend, rely and cherish the 10 short hours each week that she is here for me to get a million different things done without my little side kick in tow.

I find a certain salvation in our nanny, along with long walks, work outs, naps, doctor, dentist, hair, and nail appointments, lunches with my husband, friends, sister and even mother-in-law. It is the time that I need for myself to recharge, step out of the mommy role for a little bit and gain a sense of accomplishment. Not that raising my little boy doesn't already provide that, but I'm not referring to the 'how many bottles I made' or 'tantrums I lived through' variety.

Sure, we'll find someone else and luckily Lucas is too young to be that attached to Angel, but I certainly am, I really REALLY like her and I'm going to miss her terribly.

The best is yet to be.