“guess we need a cat. named silky.” – lucas jude

mice 047

we live right next to a big ‘ol empty field. it’s made of dirt and sagebrush. and it’s really hot outside. we were just talking the other day about how it’s probably home to all kinds of crazy creatures.

on monday, early afternoon-ish i got a call from andrey.

“i’ve got some bad news,” he said.
“i saw a mouse in the kitchen this morning.”

apparently he’d seen a mouse in the pantry – chased it through our bedroom where i had been sleeping soundly with gavin and into our bathroom closet. where only a few hours before this phone call i had dug through to find my other gray flip flop. like really DUG through.  he then made the decision to go ahead and leave for work anyways.
and then the decision to not call and let me know until well into our day.

i grabbed my kiddos and left the house. we didn’t come home until andrey was home from work.

later that night we scrubbed this house. every.single. crumb. and by we – i mean andrey. while i stood on a chair and kept a good look out. a totally necessary task.
and set a few traps.

my call to andrey early this morning:
me: ummmm. babe? that trap we have in the laundry room – you know???  the peanut butter is completely gone. seriously! like completely! that beast licked it clean!”
andrey: what?! what the  <<@!#$>>  kind of mouse traps did you buy?
me: what the  <<@!#$>>  kind of mouse are we dealing with here?!

that teeny tiny thing has got me all freaked out. i will NOT be switching over the laundry today. 
that RAT is ferocious!
what do i do?

i want my dad.