9 months from now...

And no, I'm not pregnant! But, today's cardiology appointment went so well that we don't have to return for another 9 months. Yay!

We start each appointment with a heart echo. The last 3 times, Lucas has laid there nicely, while the technician does an ultrasound of his heart. Not today. Thankfully, she was still able to get the readings that she needed, but he was not a happy boy. From another room, you might have thought she was cutting open his heart, but really, she was just rubbing ultrasound jelly on his chest. It's such a tough age, because he's old enough to have fear, but not old to understand what's going on, even with an explanation. Hopefully it will go better next time.

Anyway, his heart is really the same, which is great news. The size of the left ventricle has not increased anymore, and since Lucas has grown, the proportions are just barely above the normal range. The doctor didn't even bother to get out a new heart diagram and draw what Lucas's heart looks like compared to a normal heart, because it's the same as last time.

We were done in under an hour, which is record time. And we don't go back until April. Can't beat that.