100th post

Wow! 100 posts!

Yesterday we drove to the CHOP CI picnic. So fun! There were so many CI kids running around. Unbelievable! All 3 companies were represented, with goodies from all. I finally got to meet Morgan and her Mommy and Jim from CiCircle. Altogether, it was just a great day. We've had quite an awesome month of meeting other CI kids. I'm so thankful to have had that opportunity!

Now, to finish up our rounds, we just have to head up to New York state to meet Nolan and Ben, up to Toronto to meet Ava, then over to Wisconsin to meet Peas and AJ, down to St. Louis to meet Danny, and way over to Northern California to meet little m and Landry. Oh yeah, and on our way back, we'll stop in Texas, to meet Baby K, Alabama to meet Gage and Brook, and Georgia to meet Shiloh. Is anyone up for another road trip? Is there anywhere else we should stop? :)

Tomorrow we head to the local audiologist about the hearing aid. I hope that goes well.