6 months post activation evaluations

Today was a pretty easy day, thankfully, except for the crazy mother who threatened to punch her child in the face and throw her shoe at him, if he didn't behave while she was scheduling another appointment. Oh my!

Lucas tested well in the booth today, responding to speech at 20-25 dB. Our audiologist tweaked his program a little bit, but mostly left it as it is. Unfortunately, he had to turn off 2 of Lucas's 22 electrodes, because they were misfiring. I'm very disappointed to hear that. However, with them turned off, he can probably hear better now, than with the electrodes misfiring. Our audi didn't seem concerned, although I was. He said sometimes they come back, so we'll wait and see.

We are officially getting a hearing aid for Lucas's left ear. Because CHOP is not a durable medical goods provider, they can't order and process a hearing aid for him, so we will be doing that closer to home. We will probably go with Phonak's Naida, a very high powered digital hearing aid. Although it will not give Lucas access to spoken language, it may help him with localization, and loud sounds. Again, I would rather be getting him a 2nd implant, but since that's not an option right now, we're doing the next best thing.

Phew. Lucas did pretty well in speech. And she appreciated my list, so I'm glad I made it to bring along. He was a little antsy, and didn't sit the whole time for her, but I guess that happens sometimes. We got some new ideas from her, so that's good! Instead of asking Lucas to "knock, knock, knock" to open a box, she suggested we mix it up, and have him outline a circle with his finger as we say "open." She also suggested a book from Cochlear called Speech Sounds, for more ideas. I'm always looking for new ideas!

She agrees that Lucas is progressing well. She reiterated that he needs to understand spoken language before he produces it. And, he's making strides with that every day. By this time, they're looking for about 10 spoken words or approximations, and he has 11. So, she really wants and expects him to make more progress in the next 3-6 months. The pressure's on.