This is today's outgoing mail.  Well, they will be outgoing once I get return address labels on them and stamp them.  I left both of those things at the house before I left this morning.  They will be on their way soon enough!

A recent influx of new writers has led me to have to expand my mail log.  I keep track of everything that comes in and goes out for each person in a 3-ring binder.  Each person has their own page, complete with address.  But, I've been missing something.  Birthdays, favorite holidays, etc.  All of the basic things that I should know, but don't.  So, I created a little way to gather all of that information and some of you will be receiving them very soon.  If you don't mind, just return it when you can.  No hurry!

The mailbox really hasn't seen much recently.  I think it's because of the large number of lost mail pieces I've had since August.  I am really starting to get concerned, but I shall be looking through my log and sending something to those I know were part of that group of mail.  I haven't forgotten about you, I promise!

How are you all?  Write soon!