Back to BC

 Well a week and a bit ago I got the chance to head back to BC Revelstoke area.It was a super short trip but a very epic one paddle sweet stuff every day, huckin to big water.Here and a punch of pic from the trip enjoy!!!

Benny Marr scouting Upper Johnston Falls , this is one crazy ass stout , what I had no desirer to ran, we all walk away from this one!!!

A sweet angle from the lip of Sutherland Falls (Image Rush Sturges)

Mikkel, boofing the stout!!!

A really cool shot, front on angle of Sutherland (Imaged Mikkel St.Jean Duncan)

Benny Marr flying out off this really stout burrly weir, all of us pussyed out and walked the entry move, Benny crushed it!!!

Benny always killing it!!!!!

Benny on this really sweet double drop 25ft in 25ft
We all ran a few laps on this sweet double drop so much fun.I was feeling the fire after the little Huck fest and decided to gainer of the top were you can see Chris. Rush fired it up first with really good style.I was so scared but went for it, was a little loss but pulled it of and landed nicely.Biggest gainer to date a good 70ft +.Will try get the images and post them up!!!

Mikkel sending the second 25ft

Benny doing what he does best!!!!!!

Well such a sweet short little BC mission. Always stoked to get back there.Would like to thank Rush for letting me tag along on his mission, cheers bro!!!

Well we are heading back to BC with a big crew in a week or so, cant wait to get back there.

Well stay posted