a spoonful of bravery

Back-to-School Sundaes 2012 can be seen here.

tomorrow we send him out into the world.
in his pocket will be:
and all of our love.

today i found myself on my knees. 
several times throughout the day.
a heavy day. a heavy heart. 
my list of heartache is long.

over lunch lucas said to me:
how does heavenly father see everybody? 
i just can't believe it... isn't it just so awesome?
did you know that jesus blessed all those kids? 
they didn't think that he would 
but he said, yeah, come on over here.

the answer to my prayers, my boy.

am thinking: he's going to be just fine.

tomorrow we send him out into the world.
in my pocket will be:

that entire jar of hot fudge.