Tackling Disneyland On My Own

If you had told me a year ago, heck, yesterday that I would take Lucas to Disneyland by myself someday, I would have told you, you were absolutely nuts.

But, I did it!

I even braved the crowds on a day before a holiday weekend.

Now, who's nuts?

What can I say? I'm glutton for punishment.

Actually, it was housekeeper day and I needed a big outing to keep us out of the house for a few hours.

Lucas did great and despite the nearly 90 degree heat and I did pretty great too, if I do say so myself. 

We were on the tram and heading for the park at 9:30, where upon arrival, went straight to "It's a Small World", which Lucas claims to be his "favorite" ride now. It'll be a few days before I get that @#$% song out of my head...
We hung out with Mickey & friends in Toon Town for nearly an hour, otherwise known as spent time stalking Goofy and then enjoyed a nice lunch together in Tomorrow Land, that only set us back  $14.00 - shocker!
We watched the Disneyland Marching Band perform, strolled through Critter Country and met Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore, rode the "Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" for the first time (which is perfect for toddlers, by the way), toured the entire park on the Disneyland Railroad (a given with a "choo choo" lover in tow) and were back in the comfort of our air conditioned car just in time for nap time. 

I was very apprehensive about tackling Disneyland on my own; couldn't fathom juggling Lucas, stroller, bag, long lines, heat and not to mention, my patience level, but every time I seem to worry like this, Lucas ends up pleasantly surprising me.

There were no melt downs, he kept his hat on, ate everything I put in front of him and got in the stroller when asked. It was the perfect outing! 

And bonus... he's out for a while and my house is sparkling clean. :)
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