Rockin' The Baby

Last month, Shell (Things I Can't Say) created the Rockin' The Baby Bump blog hop and this month, she's at it again with Rockin' the Baby.

I had so much fun looking through literally thousands of photos of Lucas trying to find the perfect ones to share and while I was at I realized a few things: I have an adorable child whom I adore, I definitely rock the baby and I take entirely TOO MANY PHOTOS!
This photo was taken exactly two years ago today: July 11, 2009 Lucas was one month old.
My parents backyard: October 25, 2009. Lucas was four months old.
Florence, Italy - November 23, 2009. Lucas was five months old.
The night Lucas started crawling: March 25, 2010. Lucas is nine months old.
May 27, 2010 - Lucas is almost one year old!
I'm happy with the toddler/preschooler Lucas is. Beyond happy, but I do miss the baby he once was.
Need your baby fix? Go check out the more than 70 (and growing) participates in Rockin' The Baby! 

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