Rain gettin' ya down?

Don't forget Balasana (childs pose.) It not only feels great but has a slew of benefits.* provided you don't have any knee issues/injuries. (if you are expecting take knees wide as not to compress baby.) And know you can use as many props as you like to make yourself more comfortable, such as a blanket under knees/ankles/ between your heels and buttocks, pillow under your head, arms outstretched... Get creative and do whatever feels good. Childs pose opens and stretches the hips, thighs and ankles and calms the nervous system in a big way. It has lots of psychological benefits.

It looks so simple (and for many of us who aren't injured it is), but do you ever go into one when you are at home? This is a childs pose kind of day in my opinion. Hope you get a moment to collect your thoughts and rest and restore today. The weeks almost over and before we know it it will be sumer again. Namaste.