freshly picked: craft night

instagram  via: susan of freshly picked

hey utah!
the stoyan boys + i have extended our trip a bit longer.
couldn't pull away just yet.
lucky for me - that means i'll get to attend susan's craft night tomorrow.
get all the details here!
that susan, she's so hip it hurts.
hoping to get a jump start on my bracelets for jen's swap.
i'm on my way to pick out my embroidery floss, right now!
am thinking sunshine yellow + summer lime, for sure.

join me?
i'd love to see your face.
let me know if any of you SLC'ers wanna hop a ride in the mini.
i'll save you a seat right next to charlie grey
and i'm pretty sure he'll let you mug on his chubby baby cheeks
the whole. way. there.
love, lindsay