it's raining outside. a steady drizzle. and the sky is soooo grey.
it's the gloomy kind.
and i want to crawl back into bed.
thankfully the mister is on his way home right this minute
and i'm going to do just that.
for an hour. pretty sure that's all i need. a good hour of deep sleep.
i've got three little boys with warm foreheads and croupy coughs.
boys who were up ALL night.
apparently no one told the sunshine or my boys and their winter colds
that it is - in fact - june. 

we pulled the bikes out a few weeks ago. 
shined them up - hopeful for spring. 
spring never showed. 
tried again this weekend.
hopeful for a switch in seasons. 
and i had all these happy summer thoughts.
if things don't turn around by tomorrow 
mister sun - i'm pulling the uggs back out. 
and none of us really want that, now do we?