South Branch of the Feather

Well eveything is pretty high in cali at the moment, but still we managed to get on south branch of the feather with a sick water level.I was stoked to get on this run before leaving for hood river Oregon. Stoked on it, lifes good when you are stouting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Toni lining up one of the many drops the south branch offers

Pete boofing the shit out of a skate bord style ramp drop thing,what was so amazing one of the sicker drops on the soth branch

Myself stomping it

I decided to firer up 99 problems.I ended up having the biggest hit I have ever had of a drop.Hit the reconecor pretty vertical and got the shit wip lashed out of me.I rolled up quick and all was good happy days, stoked I didnt knock my self out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pete running the cleanest 50footer ever,this drop is so nice.Toni myself and pete as you can see fired it.

Well I have made it to hood river now,so stoked to be here ran the little white and the green trust yesterday and 2day we fired up summit creek.Stay updated for some more stoutness