PROJECT: craft was the cake. the icing for me and danyelle was the chance to get a bunch of people that loved all of the things that we love in the same room at the same time. we hoped that we would make a few new friends here in this silly tri-town. and we did! one of our favorites is the sweet randi of swoon studio. the three of us recently got together over picnic baskets and decided to host a tri-city blogger meet-up. another perfect opportunity to get us all together and put faces to some of our daily reads. and if we don't already read you, we should! we want to know who you are. will you join us?

nothing fancy. just a hot cup of peppermint hot cocoa for me. and maybe a petite vanilla scone or two. but hopefully i'll leave with a pocket full of new friends and a stronger sense of community. please come! share this on your blogs, too! let's meet-up. let's connect. 

love, lindsay