The Sweet Smell Of Spring

I wish I could grow flowers, tomatoes, basil, weeds, cactus... anything! I have the brownest thumb on the planet (I'm assuming that's the opposite of having a green thumb).

As long as my husband and I have lived together he has always said that he'd like plants in our home. I discourage this every chance I get because I would either water them too much, too little or forget all together.

The only plants in our house are the flowers I purchase every two weeks:
Pretty enough, but not the same, right?

I love walking around my neighborhood. I love to feel the cool breeze coming off the ocean not far away, the warm exchange of greetings with the people I pass and the sweet smell of spring, especially all the gorgeous roses in bloom!

I wish I could grow flowers like these:

There must be such satisfaction in having a beautiful vibrant rose garden.

Heck, any garden!

I need to send my husband out for a walk.

What can you grow?
This post was written for Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop, Prompt 4.) Photo Story: Take a walk through your neighborhood this week and share some pictures of what Spring looks like where you live.
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