I Wonder...

I wonder what kind of teenager Lucas will be?

Will he be a loner with his head in a book or hold an office on the Student Council?

Will he be the captain of the football team or sit on the sidelines and cheer on his friends?

I wonder if he'll wait until the last minute to complete his home work assignments or turn reports in early?

I wonder if he'll play an instrument in the school band or land the leading role in the annual production of Romeo and Juliet?

What will he major in once he gets to college, if he goes to college?

I wonder if he'll want to join a fraternity or avoid the Greek system all together?

Will he be a nail bitter, volunteer at a homeless shelter, want to get a tattoo?

Will he complete his college education after four years, or decide to go for a PhD.?

As an adult, will he be an early riser or enjoy sleeping in?

Will he bounce from job to job or be loyal to the first company that hires him?

I wonder how many hands he'll hold, doors he'll hold open, chairs he'll pull out and girls he'll kiss?

I wonder if he'll bike, run, or practice yoga?

Will he'll like spending time at the beach, or if the sand will only annoy him?

Will he be a black coffee drinker or enjoy something fancier, like a caramel macchiato?

I wonder if he'll be comfortable traveling and fill his passport before he's 30 or prefer staying close to home?

Will he be a people pleaser or stand his ground and always be ready for a debate?

I wonder if he'll ever know how much he's loved.

I wonder...

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