My Week In Numbers

Monday, March 7 - Sunday, March 13:

0 Diet Cokes drank -- it's been 34 days since my last one!

0 episodes of Oprah I watched -- she was on hiatus this week.

Countless = the number of Thomas & Friends, Yo Gabba Gabba and Caillou episodes I sang and dance through, pretended not to be watching and cursed under my breath.

1 overpriced trip to the gas station.

1 lively music class attended.

1 birthday celebrated -- Aunt Leah turned 27 on Monday!

Countless = the number of kisses given.

2 carousels ridden.

2 lunches with friends -- one WAY more enjoyable than the other because it was kid free.

2 unloaded dishwashers.

2 legs shaved (!)

Countless = the number of toys I picked up.

2 pieces of cold pizza devoured.

3 trips to the park.

4 turkey sandwiches consumed.

Countless = the number of times the Kindermusik song Bow Wow Wow was requested.

5 loads of laundry completed.

6 naps enjoyed -- Lucas', not mine.

6 items crossed off my list of 19 "To Do's".

Countless = the number of diapers I changed.

7 cups of green tea consumed.

7 blog posts written -- including this one.

9 thoughts involving potty training, nursery school and toddler beds and what I should be doing about them.

Countless = the number of times I wiped a nose.

21.10 miles walked.

28 minutes spent on hold with Tucson Water Company trying to change billing address.

47+/- temper tantrums survived -- barely.

291 tweets tweeted -- I have an addiction, okay?

Countless = the number of times I realized how blessed I am.

This post was inspired by K of That's Why You Love Me's post, Fitness Friday.

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