21 Months... For Now

Last week Lucas turned 21 months old, which means in just three short months he'll be two years old. Crazy!!

The "Terrible Twos" for us began at around 18 months but they are getting progressively worse, if that is even possible.
Not unlike most toddlers, I'm sure, Lucas is a strong willed little boy and wants what he wants when he wants it. He is in constant motion as we shuffle from one activity to the next all. day. long. We color and paint and play with Play-Doh, line up toy cars, sing, dance, work on puzzles, visit parks, visit Daddy at work, match up stuffed animals, practice our letters, numbers, colors, etc., etc., etc. and then do it all over again.
It's exhausting.
He's exhausting.
I'm exhausted!
I knew this age wasn't easy, but no one said it was going to be this hard.
Lucas still refuses to drink milk from a sippy cup so my plan of ditching the bottles went out the window (for now).
He's making a mockery of potty training, so that too has been halted (for now).
Having been sick for the past month (a treat in and of itself) has kept him crib bound, so my desire to move him into a toddler or twin bed has also been delayed (for now).
With all the progression that has been put on hold lately, it is clear who has the upper hand in our house. We will try again soon...
On the other hand, Lucas is a sponge and repeats and remembers everything he hears. Someone is going to have to clean up her potty mouth ASAP!!
His vocabulary is flourishing, which I am so blessed for. I have spent a lot of time around other almost two year olds and they don't have near the amount of words that Lucas does and I see the look on their mother's faces when they hear he is often times younger than their children. I can't even imagine not being able to communicate with my son and my heart goes out to those parents whose children have speech delay.
Lucas is also able to play quietly with his trains or cars, "read" books or run around the backyard without much interference and for this I am also grateful.

He's 21 months old for now and as challenging and infuriating as he can be sometimes, I'm wishing there was a pause button.

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