The Fun Has Just Begun

In the beginning, it was diapers, sleepless nights, onesies, bottles and burp cloths, but in just a few short months, Lucas started crawling and then soon after that, walking and is now talking and communicating with me like I never thought he would and I realize that the fun has only just begun.
I am blowing bubbles and playing chase in the backyard, squishing Play-Doh between my fingers and picking up puzzle pieces from all over the house.
I am taking more photos than I ever have before and making memories to last a lifetime on trips to grandma and grandpa's, the zoo, beach and amusement parks.

I am drawing with sidewalk chalk, crayons and finger paints, playing on park swings, slides and monkey bars, getting drenched at water fountains at the mall and during bath time.
I am planning play dates, packing lunches, snacks and sippy cups and making sure my iPhone is fully charged and is loaded with plenty of kid friendly material.
I'm laughing through family dinners because I'm getting covered in spaghetti sauce, apple juice and yogurt. I'm squishing grapes and pretending to feed choo choo trains.
I am teaching letters, numbers, colors, body parts, manners, patience and more.

I am revisiting the simple joy of Disney movies, Dr. Seuss at story time, pretend and hide-and-seek.

I am kissing boo-boos better, nursing colds, attempting time outs and trying to keep my own temper tantrums in check.

I'm learning to slow down, follow bugs, stop and smell the flowers and delight in the wind.
I'm looking at world in a whole new way....
...through the eyes of my son.

 This post was featured on Natalie's blog, Mommy of a Monster, in her weekly feature, Monster Likes #8 on Saturday, February 26, 2011.
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