Love Is In The Air

Love the perfectly worn in jeans.
Love girl time.
Love toasting to anything, as long as it's with champagne.
Love surprising my husband at work.
Love the comfort of home.
ooey gooey cheesy pipping hot pizza.
Love seeing dolphins glide in and out of the water as I walk along the beach.
Love freshly painted toe nails.
Love getting lost in an epic novel.
Love dancing in the backyard with my son.
Love the first bite of a red velvet cupcake.
Love the moment right before Dave Matthews gets on stage.
Love when new episodes of
Grey's Anatomy are on.
Love enjoying a Kronenbourg and an omelet at Les Deux Magots cafe in Paris.
Love my son's infectious laughter.
Love warm sunny days that make me happy to be alive.
Love fresh crisp sheets.
Love the smell that envelops me when I walk into a spa.
Love the UPS man arriving on my doorstep with a package.
Love sandwiches on Squaw bread made with turkey, Swiss and tons of veggies.
Love hearing National Anthem.
Love the feeling you get after a hard work out.
Love a big bowl of popcorn and settling in to watch a movie in bed.
Love hitting every green light.
Love spending time in a book store and walking out with nothing but a sense of peace.
Love visiting with a dear friend.
Love ordering room service.
Love a nice glass of Cabernet with Trader Joe's dark chocolate peanut butter cups on the side.
Love watching my husband and our son play.

What do you love?

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! May love surround you today and always.

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