It's been a while since i posted something on my blog despite many news . And i was waiting for this video to report it on here :

Three days to remember from lucas menegatti on Vimeo.

This video shows probably what is my best week of climbing .

First of all came Ajna , which is not featured on this video , a really cool travers that goes into an 8a that is given 8b FAed by christophe laumone . That was a really unexpected send cause i was supposed to go over to The Big Island after and was supposed to just warm up in this area , but i finally got caught in the game that ended nicely .
Here's a picture i took of Nils on it .

Then on the second day i had to rest because of rain . On then the video shows it all in order . One boulder per day .
Elephunk is a boulder that deserve more attention but is sadly so often wet that it makes it hard to climb for those whom are not staying long . And Finaly comes "the Geck" . I'm really proud of this one it took me so much energy and was such a mental game . Game that i finaly won thanks to all this confidence at the first try of the session .

I'm also proud to announce that i'm now part of the Team MoonClimbing where i'll also be bloging in english ( more to read about the big island ascent ) and also part of the 2011 Five Ten Team .

Lately i've been climbing softer but numerous amazing climbs that were on my list forever . I'm also trying to get better at the art of photography , helped by paul and stephan .

More to come .