It's All In The Application

My mother wore very little make-up and everything I learned about it, I learned from her. In other words, I never learned much more than; a little blush, a little mascara, a little lipstick. Done. She made it look effortless, flawless and easy. It really is anything but.

I didn't have an older sister or friends with older sisters that were willing to use my face as a guinea pig.

I got my first Maybelline* eye shadow and blush kit when I was in the 7th grade and while I loved the idea of wearing make-up and I coveted my make-up bag, I think I only used it once or twice. I had no clue what I was doing. I would looking like a circus clown, so I gave up.

I don't know what my friends and I were doing that we didn't sit around practicing the fine art of make-up application. I suppose we were too busy lip-synching to Wham and Duran Duran.

I really wish I knew how to apply make-up.

I love the way in can transform a face, especially one that has become a mother and is tired, worried and growing older by the minute.

I love it when my friend Nancy offers to do my make-up for a special occasion. She was kind enough to do my make-up for my wedding and has dolled me up for Vegas many times over the years.

I don't even own any eyeliners or eye shadows.

I wear the absolute bare minimal. Because that's all I can handle.

My entire make-up routine takes a total of 6 minutes, if that. And trust me when I tell you that without these items, I look dead:Still loyal to Maybelline Great Lash mascara, I have expanded my make-up collection to include a lot of Bare Escentuals* products. If you haven't jumped on the mineral make-up band wagon yet, I highly suggest it. Talk about transforming your face; it's fantastic stuff. Plus, the starter kit and DVD with explicit step-by-by instructions was perfect for a make-up novice like me. :)

How did you learn to apply make-up? What are your favorite products?

*This post was no way endorsed by Maybelline or Bare Escentuals. Sadly.

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