Project Smile - January

Count your smiles instead of your tears; count your courage instead of your fears. - Unknown

January was full of ups and downs for us; a new year, a new home, good news, followed by bad, but I'm grateful that I found something to smile about every day:

1st - The first day of a new year full of possibilities.
2nd - Work out routine resumed after three weeks off. Ouch!
3rd - Getting out of the house despite the rain.
4th - Pretty in pink nail polish.
5th - Believing that miracles can happen.
6th - A new path to walk.
7th - There is nothing better than a PB&J to put a smile on my face.
8th - Four loads of laundry, grocery store AND Target, washed and dried my hair, started a new book. It was a VERY productive day.
9th - Lunch and movie with a girlfriend.
10th - Gorgeous walk along Newport Beach strand.
11th - I bought my domain name.
12th - A visit with an old friend and a wonderful compliment.
13th - Today, we have lived in our new house for one month and slowly but surely are making it a home.
14th - Taking time to stop and smell the flowers.
15th - We hung our first picture!
16th - Golden Globes and Thai food with a fellow movie lover.
17th - We rode Becky the elephant!
18th - Today was not a great day, but snuggles with my son always make me feel better.
19th - The wonder of nature.
20th - My sister.
21st - A visit to an old neighborhood I used to once frequent a lot and delicious quiche.
22nd - Champagne brunch with my sister, Aston Kutcher (in the movie No Strings Attached) and shopping for shoes!
23rd - A bowl of cereal makes a great dinner.
24th - Play date at our house.
25th - Covering up the grays, finishing one book and starting another.
26th - Meeting a newborn, visiting our old neighborhood and wine time.
27th - A beautiful walk along the coast and lunch.
28th - A fun day at the Irvine Ranch Park with friends and spend a lot of time thinking of my dad today with love, he would have been 64 today.
29th - Blowing bubbles in the backyard with Lucas.
30th - Dinner with friends and all our kids! Pure comedy.
31st -
The first day of a new round of music class.

I hope every day of January gave you something to smile about and that your 2011 is off to a great start!

Alicia is the beautiful brain child behind this wonderful monthly meme. Be sure to link up at her blog,
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