With This Ring...

I'm a compulsive hand washer, so I've always had very dry hands.

My husband calls them 'catcher's mitts'.

When I was in junior high and bit my nails to the quick, I proclaimed to my mother that I would never hold a boy's hand because mine were so ugly and gross. She made me write that down on a piece of paper and give it to her. As far as I know, she carried that note in her wallet for years until her purse was stolen. :(

After I had Lucas, my hands became drier. If that is even possible. But, let's face it, your body is NEVER the same after giving birth. It takes forever to fit back into your pre-pregnancy clothes and the hair loss and gain in the six months following delivery is, in a word: frightening.

In my case it seems pregnancy wreaked havoc on my skin too.

I had the worst adult acne for months and I still can't wear my wedding rings with any regularity without this happening: My ring finger becomes a red, swollen, dry, cracked, itchy mess!

I then have to stop wearing my rings for a few days, let it heal and start all over again.

I have tried 1900 different types of lotions and NOTHING seems to help. Here are eight products currently in the rotation:Any suggestions?

Maybe a little sympathy?

My husband is getting a perturbed. Not because he wants to hold my hand, but because he'd like me to wear my wedding rings.

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