four laps

  resolve 027

i’ve figured myself out. i’m lazy. that’s it.
and i’ve been spoiled.

andrey has been taking over the boy-duty when he wakes in the morning. and that’s when i’ve been getting my sleep. sleeping way in. and i could lay in that bed all day long if he didn’t come looking for me a few hours later. he’s been doing my dishes and changing the poopy ones. and i’ve gotten oh-soooooo used to it.

but the weather is changing and the business of building houses is picking back up and life will go back to how it should be. with more order. a schedule. a routine. and to-do lists. i am no good at those things.

i need those things.
and so do my children.
and my marriage.

with the new fresh year - comes new fresh perspective. a simple text from my friend with the word POTENTIAL in it has me anxious to get on with this. because i have some! potential, that is. and i’ve got goals. and this year i’ve got a birthday coming that starts with three and oh. and i’m feeling like that’s pretty good motivation to finally get on with the things that have been holding me back.

so… to start:
i’m buying a big giant blank canvas. and i’m going to paint on it. finally.
i woke up to an alarm clock this morning. and i got out of bed.
i took this rolly-polly-post-baby-body to walk the mall. and i did four fast laps!
(i swear that when i saw my reflection in the GAP window display that i already looked skinnier, too!)
i said good-bye to my beloved peppermint kisses.
and bye-bye cold crisp cokes in a can.
tonight we’ll talk budget. and chore charts (for me and lucas.)

but here’s where i need some help.
how do i do it?

how do you tap into the artistic part of your brain and let the painting begin? does your four year old have chores and allowance? how do you stay in shape? and really – what does a person on a diet eat for lunch?? got any tips for sticking to a budget that don’t involve the dave and envelopes? and tossing anthro catalogs?
oh and cleaning house – how do you keep up?

i’m excited to try new things.
to stay motivated.
to make good changes.
to fit into my jeans.

love, lin

p.s. happy four birthday to this little bloggy space of mine!