Laughter In The Backyard

My sister is so good with Lucas and their relationship is simply endearing to witness.

Lucas' face lights up whenever we speak of aunt Leah and her visits are always too short.

Leah recently spent five days helping me out while Todd was away on a business trip and I could swear there was more laughter in (and out of) the house.

We have been blessed with some gorgeous sunny winter weather, allowing for some fun in the backyard. Lucas calls it his "park" and since he can't yet be out there on his own, one or both of us are always out there with him.

On Saturday morning, Leah and I were both lounging on the chaises watching Lucas run around the yard having a great time, when all of a sudden he was sort of over it and wanted to go back inside. Leah and I, on the other hand were enjoying soaking in the sun, not quite ready to start the day and both wanted to stay put.

Leah bounced up and started chasing Lucas around the yard and then he'd turn around and chase her. This is a game Lucas loves and he and I play it often. Leah's twist on the game was every time she "caught" him, she tackled him to the ground and tickled him.

His laughter was divine. It's moments like this that make me hope my son and my sister always remain as close as they are today.

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