Another session to the big island .

Yet another good session on the island .
This session wasn't what i'd call the perfect one , the sky was grey and threatening , some droplets fell off the sky time to time , but we still decided to go to the boulder , give our best effort with Pascal and Guillaume .
After a while it started raining on us but not enough to get the keyhold wet , so we waited more to get the hold dry again .
I ended up trying another heelhook that finally didn't work but had me refind the correct body position and how to grab the hold perfectly , from then the temps got lower and the psych started to rise again .
I got to amazing tries really late with a lamp to light up the main holds , then rain came and i desperatly tried once more in vain . I never felt so close from doing it and psych is really high .
I hope being able to go there tomorrow to finish it .

Here's a little clip with from the progress .