It's Just One Of Those Days

Nothing is going right today.

It's freezing outside, I'm up to my eyeballs in chores I'd rather not do, but have put off all week so here I am waiting to fold the fifth load of laundry for the day.

I'm feeling feisty and pissy and just not in the mood.

I hope you will indulge me for a few minutes while I get some things off my chest while I share my annoyances with you.

Uneven sidewalks piss me off, particularly when pushing a stroller. I'm not referring to the cracks, I'm talking about the dips that make people's driveways that pop up in the sidewalks.

I end up walking in the street and then get honked at, which is just rude.

Story time at the library in a room that is way too small full of toddlers that are hacking away and have faucets of snot running out of their noses is not my idea of a fun outing. C'mon people, I understand needing to get out of the house, but really? If you're kid is sick, please stay home!

Back to laundry, which I'm going blame for today's foul mood. I hate it when I discover after the fact that a bra, pair of workout pants or other clothing item has found it's way into the dryer when I would normally hang dry them. Grrr.

As a side note, I just folded 24 shirts so now my arms hurt.

You think I'm kidding.

I'm really annoyed today by lurkers... people that creep around on my blog (the infamous Boycott American Women dude commented on one of my posts with his personal agenda of bad mouthing women - his comment has since been deleted forever - and other people that I actually know and usually enjoy being around in real life) and don't leave comments, but LOVE gathering information on me and my family to a) either talk about with other people behind my back or b) mention it to me in a way that makes it seem like I've told them first hand live and in person. This creeps me out!

Note to self: if I write about it on my blog, it's out there in the world and obviously fair game.

Speaking of people that creep me out, why do people have to encroach on my personal space at places like the grocery store check out line? When I'm done, you'll know it. Until then, back the hell up!

I've just about had it with the battery life on my laptop and iPhone. If we can put a man on the moon, why can't we design a battery that lasts longer than six hours? As I type this, I currently have 9% battery on my computer. Lame!!

Okay, I think I'm done.

For now.

Thanks, I needed that. I promise to return to my regularly scheduled program tomorrow.

But for now, I really do wish I was here.

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