A Year Full Of Possibilities

My Barnes & Noble Silver Lining Paris Remembered 2011 desk calendar finally arrived this week and I can't wait to start filling it in!!For as "high tech" as I am or try to be with my iPhone and online calendar, I get a big charge out of keeping track of my so-called life in black-and-white and multi-colored highlighters.

There is nothing better than a brand new, crisp, clean calendar.

Plus, I keep track of everything!

You probably didn't know (or care) that I moved my body 735 miles last year in the form of walking, running, bike riding, the elliptical or StairMaster, or that I took Lucas to the Bay Area solo four times? How about that I saw 12 movies - in the theater and ate lunch at Subway 51 times (don't judge!). I got my hair colored five times and had five massages, which is about 10 too few, by the way! I also noted that Lucas' last day of wearing the Doc Band was June 3, he took his first steps on July 6, had his first hair cut on August 1. Looking back on 2010, I have a very blessed life.

And now, a whole entire year lay before me, page after page just begging to be filled in with birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, play dates, many more spa appointments, visits to Grandma and Grandpa's, visits from aunt Leah, lunches with friends, dinners with my husband, long walks, yoga classes, weekend get-aways, Lucas' milestones and a whole lot more!

A whole year full of possibilities...

How will you fill your 2011 calendar?

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