You've Got A Friend In Me

1. Thoughtful
2. Meticulous
3. Curious
4. Reserved
5. Loyal

When you first meet me, you might think I'm shy, quiet, obstinate, stuck-up, or even bitchy. And those five words describe me pretty well too.


You see, I don't let just anyone and everyone in. I have a very close knit circle of friends and only a very few get to ever know the real me, but once I decide to let down my guard and share myself, you will have a friend in me for life.

You can trust me to be faithful and true

You can trust me through and through

When you hurt, I hurt

I'm always here to comfort

I'm the friend you can call in the middle of the night

Tell me your troubles and I'll help you see the light

I may not always have the best advice to give

But I'll listen with an open mind and heart and always be supportive

When you need a friend, I'll be there

This I promise, this I swear

This post is for Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop - Prompt #2 Describe yourself in five words. Choose one, and write a poem.

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